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Order Your Door Now Due to the Tight Housing Market and Supply Chain Issues

One of the most visible and curb-appealing assets to the sale or purchase of a home is the garage door. It’s the biggest door in your home and it deserves to get noticed. If it’s not you are getting a raw deal from a sales or purchase aspect.  Covid-19 has affected the shipping of many building products including new garage doors.  Logistical backups through shipping, ports and over-the-road shipping is a serious problem in today’s marketplace. Most industries are scrambling to get parts and supplies. The garage door industry is no exception


Southern states are an incredibly tight market to find available homes whether new or used.  Many realtors offer advice on how to prepare your home for sale and spruce up the curb appeal.  A new garage door is one of the biggest impressions you can make on buyers.  It’s the biggest entry to a home.    

Wise sellers are heeding the advice of the garage door industry to order new doors now ahead of your posted sales date to ensure arrival and timely installation.  Delaying your order could delay the sale of your house.  

Getting a great deal doesn’t have to mean you go with the cheapest priced product for your home improvement, or home building project.  Most of us want the best quality product and installation we can get at the most affordable price.  Garage doors are no different than other building products.  Two things are critical when it comes to replacing a door, or new construction.  Door quality and installation are critical.  You can have a very high-quality door, with poor installation and could underperform and cause more trouble than a lesser quality door with a solid installation.  Information is power and being informed about the products available is the first step.  

You need to decide what kind of door material you want and then select a style?  Professional garage door companies are very good at letting a customer know what will work and what won’t work in their specific application.  There are several types of doors to choose from and options within each of those.

  • Wood Doors are the original door material.  It is heavier and will require a properly rated motor.  Wood doors are usually made of cypress, redwood, or cedar which are more weather resistant than other woods.  If you live in high humidity, or snow/rain region your wood door is going to take on more of the elements and can require more maintenance.  Hurricane-rated doors are a must for coastal living  Keep in mind you will have to paint/stain wood doors over time.  Wood doors tend to be the most expensive door.
  • Aluminum doors are rust-resistant and respond well to humid, or damp environments that tend to have a lot of rain and snow.  Aluminum doors can be insulated, or not and you have the option of adding glass panels.
  • Steel doors tend to be more expensive than aluminum doors and you can get them with  multi-layered, polyurethane insulation.  
  • Composite wood is a great option.  It looks like wood and stands up well to rain, snow and, humidity.  These doors can be stained or painted.

You need to select a material and a style that works for you.  However, you should ask your garage door professional to offer their opinion and counsel because they install doors every day in a myriad of homes and applications.  You will be amazed at the options available today in garage door selection and price.  

Make sure the quote includes installation and that you have the proper rated motor and springs for the door you choose.  You want to ask for the “out the door” price.  Too many consumers have been burned by self-install projects, or by companies that installed a door without the proper motor.  You want to get it right the first time and you don’t want the company returning for adjustments that require a service charge, or the recommendation for a new motor when the quote included your original opener.  Ask about the warranty on the installation and the products you are purchasing. 


Look up the company’s installation and service reviews on Google, or other options.  Make sure you are getting what you paid for and there is no substitution for securing a locally based garage door company that you can call and get service within 24-hours.

At Access Garage Door we have a wide selection of high-quality doors, openers, and parts.  We will help you select the right door for your application and we will NOT install a door that will not work with your plans or existing motor.  We take pride in offering quotes that include an out-the-door price and warranty.  We’ve been installing and repairing garage doors in the Upstate for years.  We are family-owned and local.  Call us today for all your garage door needs.

Tim Kay, Owner

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Tim Kayhttp://garagedooraid.com
The owner of Access Garage Door, garage door repair company in Seneca, SC.

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