Whether you are in manufacturing, chemical, or a bulk contractor industry dealing with accidents that occur in the handling of drums and bulk hazardous and non-hazardous waste containers happen.  These are volatile, often dangerous chemicals or compounds that can impact the health and safety of your workforce, but the environment as well.  

The key is to minimize every possible risk on-site and make sure your side is within compliance with OSHA and local, state and federal regulations.  Having a professional environmental services company handle the removal is critical to minimizing potential accidents on your watch.

Manufacturing processes across a variety of applications deal with chemicals, liquids and other waste that have to be stored properly until they are removed from your site.  This is especially critical in knowing what can be stacked and what can’t be stacked. Inspecting drums for potential damage from equipment like forklifts and other heavy machinery.  The key is having a solid plan in order to minimize risks. A professional environmental services provider can provide the assessment and plan you need. They can also help you make sure drums or bulk waste containers are properly marked to meet OSHA, EPA, DOT and other legal regulations.  

According to OSHA: “Since drum handling is fraught with danger, every step of the operation should be carefully planned, based on all the information available at the time. The results of the preliminary inspection can be used to determine (1) if any hazards are present and the appropriate response, and (2) which drums need to be moved in order to be opened and sampled. A preliminary plan should be developed which specifies the extent of handling necessary, the personnel selected for the job, and the most appropriate procedures based on the hazards associated with the probable drum contents as determined by visual inspection. This plan should be revised as new information is obtained during drum handling.”

A professional environmental services provider is DOT certified and fully informed of EPA/OSHA  regs in regard to the removal of drums or bulk containers saving you time and money. They are in the business of removing such containers in safe, legal, ways for recycling, disposal, and conversion to energy depending upon the contents.  They are set up to handle your waste disposal needs and have the proper equipment such as extractors and grapplers that are specifically designed for these kinds of operations.   

Properly trained professionals know there are different types of drums.  From PVC-lined drums to aluminum, steel, single-walled and laboratory packs which are common in hospitals and other medical facilities.  These professionals work with on-site safety officers, engineers, production managers, and owners to properly identify hazardous and non-hazardous waste, assess protocols for storage and transfer for pick up with a keen understanding of the various chemical compounds, solvents, paints, ink, acid, etc., and the proper methods for disposal preparation.  Having a knowledgeable, experienced and properly trained environmental services provider will not only eliminate risks and reduce liability, but provide a cogent plan of action that is legally conforming to all applicable regulations.   

At Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc., our technicians and drivers are fully DOT certified, trained and drug-free.  We work closely with Waste-To-Energy Facilities, providing waste and refuse that would otherwise have gone to the landfill. We all benefit as this waste stream generates significant quantities of clean, renewable energy and yields a reduction of greenhouse gases. Utilizing waste as a form of energy has become the baseline for success in many solid-waste management systems.  Contact us to learn how we can help your company reduce its carbon footprint, analyze waste streams and develop a customized plan just for your organization.

Mike Watts, President

Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.



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