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In a digital world full of pundits, hackers, and disrupters the need for compelling, authentic content has never been greater.  Content marketing is no secret, but to many, it’s become a catchphrase or buzz word with no meaning.

Compelling content is authentic.  It is rooted in customer or client needs and it extols the strengths of the vendor providing the products or services in need.  Think beyond words.  While words are very important they are not the only part of the content that matters.  Everything has to work together to create compelling content.

The content of the social media post, blog, thought leadership paper or website must be cogent, to the point, and provide a benefit.  However, images, layout, and overall website production are just as important to the process. Everything has to work together to provide value for the client or customer.  

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Compelling digital content communicates in simple terms but isn’t fluff.  Whether it is a new medical device, accounting software, or a new way to locate underground utilities it has to be easy to understand without being too complicated.  Yet, it must take into account the audience that is technically familiar with such matters.   Too many words are just that, overload.  Too many technical terms are just that, technical babble.   Finding just the right words in the right place within the right context is like finding the sweet spot in a golf club.  You have to know what you are doing to write compelling, SEO rewarding, and valuable content.  

For example, let’s say you have an engineering firm offering various services.  If you get too technical you can lose the leader of the equity firm investing in a particular project.  If you don’t provide enough details you can be dismissed as fluff.  It’s a fine line between the two.  Seasoned writers guided by subject matter experts can put together a narrative that communicates to professionals and laity alike.  It’s not over technical, or too light for the professionals to grasp and desire to seek more information.

There is the rub.  You want readers to take the next step.  You want them to click on your website, product listing, or seek more information about your services without inundating them with content they don’t understand or defer to the professional that does on their staff.  Thought leadership, blogs, and other content laden sources are designed to have the reader take the next step.  This is a long play in the digital world.  Hopefully, you continue to produce relevant, quality, and value-rich content that prospective clients or customers want to read.  

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When content is too technical you lose those on the fringe who have a lot of influence and decision-making power.  If it’s weak you lose period!  Knowing and understanding what is valuable and what is not requires collaboration between subject matter experts and writers.  Why?  Writers know how to communicate in ways that prick ears and develop followers.  Experts know the content and can explain it in lay terms until it moves to the next level.  

Too many companies entrust their thought leadership or blogs to people who intellectually know and understand the content, but cannot communicate on a basic level of understanding for searchers.  There’s nothing wrong with this realization of giftedness among people.  Some can interpret and extrapolate complex data, but others can communicate it in clear and concise ways.  The two are not synonymous.  

When you engage a professional digital marketing company you are getting years of experience in digital communication and marketing.  You will reap the benefits of pros who know exactly how to communicate with your audience and potential customers without being too technical and still having enough substance to draw prospective customers in.  

Knowing something is one thing.  Knowing how to communicate is another.  And wise are the firms that realize professionally developed content can take their words and communicate in a style and way that are easily understood by readers.  

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