Common Poisons In Your Home


Poisons in Your Home

Many families do not realize the number of poisons to children and pets that are in their homes.  The list is long and the history of damage caused by them to young children and family pets is shocking.  The average home has the following chemicals and cleaners that are poisonous.  Alcohol, ammonia, bleach, baby bottle cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents (especially laundry pods that look like candy to your toddler), drain cleaners, hand sanitizers, furniture, and floor polishes, pesticides/herbicides, and many more.  Household poisons also include medicines, cleaning products, and any chemicals, usually stored underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks and garages.  Many parents and homeowners don’t think about the location of these poisonous toxins until it is too late and they are ingested by a child or beloved family pet.

You are the first line of defense for your family and pets in regard to potential poisoning from home-related chemicals and cleaners.  Remember to keep these items stored high and out of the reach of small children and pets.  Tell your children that these items are dangerous and that they are never to touch them, but report them to you, their Grandparents, babysitters, and other family members if they see them within reach.  Reward them when they tell you about them!  Reinforce good behavior and create an indelible memory to serve your children in the future.  

Keep laundry products above the washer and dryer in hard-to-reach places for young children and pets.  Be vigilant in the things you store and their location.  Don’t trust your young children or pets to know the difference between good products and bad ones.  It only takes a second to ingest something poisonous.  

Leaving a spray can of paint, or a can of air to clean your computer terminal or keyboard available for little hands can mean disaster within a matter of minutes.  Parents the responsibility is upon you to recognize these products and the potential danger they can cause.  Cosmetics, vitamins, and antihistamines are all potentially poisonous to children and domestic pets.  Plants are attractive and especially poisonous to your pets.  

Apex Termite and Pest Control

According to the most dangerous in-home products for children and pets are medicines, iron pills, cleaning products, nail glue remover, and nail primer, any gasoline/kerosene items, topical anesthetics, drain and toilet bowl cleaners, windshield washer solution, and antifreeze, and small batteries.  

If you have a suspected poison control emergency with a child or family pet contact the  National Capital Poison Control Center and #911 immediately.  Do not wait, make the call and be safe better than sorry.

Apex Termite & Pest Control has been in business since 1957 and we are up to date with the latest termite and pest control technology.  We urge parents and pet owners to immediately report any suspected poisoning of a child, or pet.  At APEX all of our termite and pest control treatments are EPA approved and safe for family and pets.  We would never apply treatments that we do not apply in our own homes and families.  offices of Apex

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