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Supporting an American Hero

The Invictus Games embody the best the world has to offer. WebSpeakMedia is proud to support Retired SGT First Class (SFC) Greg Quarles as part of Team U.S. for the Invictus Games at The Hague, the Netherlands in April 2022.

Greg Quarles’ (multiple Purple Heart Recipient) own stories of battling mental health issues upon returning from multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan are inspiring. While sustaining multiple tours of duty injuries it was the serious injuries he experienced after an explosion in 2012 in the Afghanistan theatre that changed his world forever. The Airborne Ranger, SFC, Retired veteran now devotes his time to helping all veterans from service-related disabilities recover, find hope and purpose through the sport and art of archery.

His 501(c)3 organization is devoted to helping all veterans know they are not alone. Greg found healing through the national organization and adaptive sports. WebSpeak Media jumped on the chance to be a part of such a worthwhile organization supporting our military and helping to get the word out with a digital presence through website design and social media outlets.

Greg will be competing on behalf of Team U.S. at the Invictus Games in The Hague, the Netherlands in April. WebSpeak Media is a proud supporter of Greg and all the athletes from 19 countries who will be competing in adaptive sports. His specialties and competition deal with archery, recumbent riding on road courses, track, and field, as well as wheelchair volleyball, basketball, and rugby.

These heroes deserve our honor and respect. WebSpeak Media is proud to support Greg, the Team U.S., and all of the athletes in this worldwide competition of heroes.

Monty Carterhttp://webspeakmedia.com
The writer for WebSpeak Media

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