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Termite Inspections, Bonds and Treatment

The U.S. housing market is enjoying a great rebound since last year’s #covid pandemic hit global housing markets and the overall economy.   Builders cannot keep up with the demand for new homes in growing metros like Greenville and the Upstate.  This puts a premium on the demand for existing homes and helps push their market value.  It’s classic demand versus supply.  However, buyers moving into the area need to be aware of termites in the south.  Our warm, humid climate is conducive to year-round termite activity and you need to be protected and prepared when buying a home.   which puts a premium on existing home sale values.  

Don’t let your closing be delayed because you don’t have a termite inspection.  In South Carolina before you close you must have a Wood Destroying Pest Inspection and letter from an authorized Termite & Pest Control Agent.  

The beauty of having a termite inspection is that if previous infestation or current activity is observed by a certified Termite and Pest Control Agent you have bargaining power and can walk away or pursue treatment by the owner with your licensed real estate agent.  A lender is not going to sign off on any home that has an active infestation until satisfactory treatment has been made and a bond has been issued.  Professional Termite and Pest Control companies will not issue a bond where there is an active infestation or previous undocumented termite damage.  This protects buyers.  

termidor termite treatment greenville upstate sc

If activity is detected make sure you are getting the best treatment for the home you are buying.  This means the termite and pest control company will do an extensive analysis and inspection to determine the depth of the infestation and recommendations for treatment to bring the home into compliance so it can be eligible for a termite bond.  

At Apex Termite and Pest Control, we provide termite letters and inspections.  We also know how to treat termite infestation and use Termidor™

Home buying is one of the most significant purchases any of us makes during our lifetime.  Don’t leave this to chance, a home inspector, or your own observations.  Professionals know are trained to follow trails, find sources of entry and exit, potential corrections like wood rot, or dampness that is beyond acceptable levels, all of which attract and further exacerbate termite activity.  

If you are buying a home and need a termite letter, contact Apex Termite & Pest Control today (864.877.2702).  All inspections are free.  Purchasing a home is a big investment, call us today to protect your interests and find out if you have a subterranean termite tube like this in your dream house.

Austin Hamilton                           

General Manager Apex Termite & Pest Control

(864) 877-2702     


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