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Professional Pest Control v.s. DIY

At some point, every homeowner encounters pests, bugs, ants, and other insects.  Whether you have a new home, live in an established residence, or rent a home it’s just a matter of time before you have to deal with bugs and pests.  DIY pest control has become popular with the emphasis on “green” friendly products and saving money on your household budget.  However, while there are many pests you can control on your own there are many that are easily resolved and treated by a professionally trained termite and pest control technicians. 

A Carpenter ant on white surface

Mr. Smith had ants in his kitchen.  He went to the local “Big Box” store and purchased some ant baits.  After placing them in the kitchen the ants disappeared for a few weeks but returned with a vengeance invading food stored on the counter and in the pantry.   After battling the ants investing time that could’ve been used on the deck and cooking out he finally contacted a professional pest control company.   They took care of the ants after the first visit!

Professionally trained technicians know how to find the source of an ant trail.  They understand points of entry that can be hard to find by the untrained eye.  The best providers offer return visits if the problem reoccurs before the next scheduled treatment and they stand behind their work.  It’s one less thing you have to worry about or put on your calendar to do on your day off.

Time and Money

Do it yourself pest control is time-consuming.  Add in the cost of the chemicals and it can be very expensive in terms of time and the money you spend.  Plus, you have to regularly go under the house in your crawl space, attic, or other hard to reach places to monitor any potential infestations.  When you have a service contract you are getting regular inspections and treatment as needed.  You also have access to their services in between visits if something comes up during that time.  You save precious time with a professional termite and pest control company and leave the dirty work to trained professionals.

One of the drawbacks of chemicals purchased at DIY or local hardware stores is the strength level of the treatment.  Professionals have the right mixture and the right product for the specific insect, bug, or pest.  

Health and Safety Issues

The majority of DIY pest control applications disregard the proper safety protocols for using chemicals.  If you follow the instructions to the letter you might be okay.  But if you fail to use gloves, a mask/breathing device, follow mixture, and clean up protocols you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.  The hardware or DIY pest control store doesn’t have any liability once you purchase the product so if you or a family member become ill from the application the cost will be on you.  Conversely, if you use a professional the liability is on them.  


Termite and pest control companies train their people, carry workman’s compensation and liability insurance.  If something happens the monkey is on their back.  They also provide warranties to back their service.  When you do it yourself there is no warranty.

At Apex Termite & Pest Control we have three generations of experience in termite and the pest control business.  We understand wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and more.  We live and work in the Upstate and like you, we want to enjoy our homes in Spring and Summer.  Our treatment is always family and pet safe.  We care about our customers and count it a privilege to provide relief so they can enjoy their homes in warmer months.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind for homeowners.

A Carpenter ant on white surface

Contact us today for more information on termite bonds, treatment, and inspections.

Austin Hamilton

General Manager Apex Termite & Pest Control

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