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Professional Pest Control v.s. DIY

Professional Pest Control Versus DIY

The DIY stores and aisles are full of pest and termite control products and ideas. There’s only one problem. They aren’t trained, professionals.  The salespeople know their products but the application is up to you! While many of these products work you have to know where, when, and how to apply them. Many companies offer great incentives and price breaks on products, but they lack the information you need from a trained professional to treat specific pests, rodents, and termites.

Professional technicians have been trained and know what to look for under a crawl space in basements around the exterior of a home. They follow insect trails, note signs of water ingression which are breeding grounds for wood-destroying insects like termites, carpenter ants, etc. 

You can go to a DIY pest control store, but you will still lack the information and research necessary to notice current or potential problems as well as areas of ingression from pests that include moisture and humidity.

Many homeowners end up spending far more in protection coverages and labor in applying these products than they would if they used a professional contractor trained and experienced in pest control. Reputable pest control companies are licensed and use trained professionals to treat areas of infestation or potential infestation. They know what to look for and they do the hard work of investigating crawl spaces, basements, and exterior breeding grounds for pests and insects.

Reputable termite and pest control companies are regularly called upon to come in after DIY efforts have failed. This is very common in the termite and pest control industry. Professionals know what to look for and offer counsel on how to eliminate pest or termite intrusion. For example, if your damp crawl space is infested with impending insects and termites it doesn’t matter how much insecticide you spray you won’t get rid of them because the problem is the moisture, humidity attraction and levels of intrusion. Professionals know how to spot these gaps and provide solutions that will last and prevent further intrusion or infestation.

These professionals are skilled and trained in recognizing favorable breeding grounds for wood-destroying insects and other pests. They can spot a termite trail within moments of being in your crawlspace. Carpenter ant infestations, poorly ventilated crawl spaces, and a lack of vapor barrier are everyday occurrences to trained professionals. They see and recognize these signs on a daily basis. Untrained eyes can miss water intrusion, high humidity levels and pest activity, but a trained professional will not.

Many professionals have followed DIY treatments and discovered the treatment of symptoms versus the source. Committed, licensed and trained pest control specialists know what to look for and focus on the source of the infestation instead of the problem at hand. They know how to treat the infestation and prevent further damage from occurring.

Save yourself money and time by having a professional termite and pest control company come out and offer a free consultation with recommendations for treatment. Once you are on a plan the company will return at no cost to control further infestation or pests. These companies are also licensed by the state in termite and pest control so you can have peace of mind in their due diligence because their name and license are on the line when it comes to protecting your home.


Reputable companies use only EPA-approved products inside and around your home that are pet and family-friendly. You don’t have to worry about safety because these products are EPA-approved and safe! Contracting a termite and pest control company provides peace of mind and gives you more time to enjoy time with your family.  

At Apex Termite & Pest Control we have three generations of experience in termite and the pest control business.  We understand wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and more.  We live and work in the Upstate and like you, we want to enjoy our homes in Spring and Summer.  We care about our customers and count it a privilege to provide relief so they can enjoy their homes in warmer months.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Contact us today for more information on termite bonds, treatment, and inspections.

Austin Hamilton

General Manager Apex Termite & Pest Control

(864) 877-2702     


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