Slapping a so-so label on a product is like rolling dice.  You never know what you are going to get. Smart manufacturers understand the importance of killer packaging and labeling.  

Your product largely determines your wrapping.  If you are producing and distributing food and beverage products there are different requirements compared to drygoods, or non-food items.  However, there are some principles that apply to all products.

Be intentional in your design.  Just because your pencils are longer lasting, sturdier, U.S. made and better than the competition doesn’t mean you are going to move more pencils to students and office managers.  Try to avoid using multiple fonts, competing graphics, or the urge to fill every big of “white space”. Let the competition confuse the consumer while you focus on simply telling what it is and why the consumer needs your version.  The simplest designs are often the best and remove any doubt about what the product is, or how it is used.

Be compelling but not overwhelming. You want your package to stand out from the pack, but not in the way an ugly package-label does.  Be creative and relevant to what you are selling. You wouldn’t package shampoo the same way you package beer, or a silicone lubricant.  Intrigue is never bad. Having a curious consumer investigate your product on the shelf apart from others is an advantage. Why should they look, hold, grab, or read about your product versus the rest of the competition? 

Packaging colors and size matter.  Much has been researched concerning the human brain and color interpretation.  Colors send messages and evoke different emotions. They can impact a consumer’s initial reaction to a product.  For example, neutral colors like beige are calming, red is a power color, strong and denotes love/passion, yellow evokes joy, happiness, blue is calming and serene.  So your colors are important and should match the product look and feel. Having the right packaging size is important. You don’t want your product to get lost in oversized packaging. 

Tell consumers what the product is and how to use it.  Don’t assume every potential buyer knows what your product is, or how to use it.  How many times have you gotten home with a purchase and opened the package only to be disappointed with what you bought?  It happens every day and when consumers are your target you need to be very clear that your all new “Periodontal Toothbrush” is for people recovering from oral gum surgery, and sensitive gums, and those consumers should be able to find it. 

It’s okay to stand out from the competition, but know what’s off-limits, or a possible product killer.   Don’t be afraid to be creative in your graphic, design, colors, package shape, etc.  Tell your story as only you can. Sell yourself. Why should they buy/try your product?  What makes you different? Tell it with colors, graphics, shapes and yes, words. Think long and hard about breaking industry standards.  Pushing the envelope is fine, but burning it is going too far.

Make sure your printer understands your design and has extensive experience with label and packaging printing.  Saving a buck at the expense of quality is costly. Most printers understand shelf space, product end sale position, size and market.  This is what they do every day with clients. They can provide wisdom and valuable input for your product. They know how to help clients distinguish themselves from the pack.  

At Century Printing and Packaging we understand the importance of labels and packaging, it’s what we do!  Contact us today to discuss your printing questions, ideas, and options.                                                                                        

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