Winter is the perfect time to have your crawl space inspected and any work recommended performed.  Why? Winter is an ideal time to perform preventative measures to protect your crawl space. Professional termite and pest companies can access your crawl space and address any termite or pest activity and assess moisture, or water damage.  Winter takes out the humidity factor in performing under the house analysis and assessment.  

Termites thrive on moisture and humidity.  Colder weather means lower temperatures and low humidity.  Professionals can assess damage, or infestation more accurately during the winter months when termites are not as active.  

You may not have termite damage, but you may have serious moisture issues which are an inevitable breeding ground for termites.   A professional firm can inspect your crawl space and search for signs of infestation, or conditions that can promote infestation. They can also assess your airflow for drying the crawl space and helping to eliminate moisture.

Professional firms can recommend replacing your manual crawl space vents with temperature controlled vents that open and close controlling airflow depending on ambient temperature.  There’s no need to guess, or remember when to open or close crawl space vents with temperature controlled ones.  

The right firm will also assess your ground gas vapor and moisture issues.  They will assess whether or not you need a full vapor barrier replacement or installation.  Vapor barriers are property investments that control gases like radon and contain moisture that can promote mold, mildew, rotting floor joists and conditions that could promote termite infestation.  

Inspectors can also determine if you have foundational wall moisture and leakage.  Both are really bad for crawl space and floor joist security. If your crawl space is leaking you have a serious moisture issue coming, or with evidentiary damage already.  Water, or moisture above acceptable limits is bad for any house. It can lead to termites, mold, carpenter ants and a degrading of the original building materials. This is not something you want to deal with down the road as a homeowner.  

The expense to repair foundation leakage, or crawl space moisture is minimal compared to the long-term damage and repairs of disregarded, or ignored damage.  Time is not your friend when it comes to moisture, or humidity prone damage.  

Your issues could be easily addressed by a professional firm with foundation and crawl space experience.  Waiting could be very costly and affect your home’s resale value.  

Apex Termite and Pest Control has been addressing and rectifying foundational and crawl space moisture issues for years.  We are a family-owned and operated business in Greer for over 40+ years. We have a strong reputation and well documented history on repairing these kinds of issues.  We treat your home like it’s ours and we work for total customer satisfaction.

Call us today to inspect your crawl space, or foundation for possible moisture, leakage, or damaging issues.  We can help save your house, quality of life and improve your property value.  

We value our current and potential customers!  Contact us today to inspect your home and assess your situation.  

Paul Hamilton, Owner Apex Termite & Pest Control

Email: allsgold@aol.com 


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