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Considering a Metal Roof

More and more homeowners and commercial companies are considering metal roofs when building or re-roofing.  There are many things to consider when thinking about a metal roof.   Consider your options such as shingles, wood, and tile roofing.  

Metal roofing has many positives and advantages compared to other roofing options.  A metal roof will last as long as you own the home.  It is resistant to mildew, water damage such as wood rot, insects, snow, and ice.  It can withstand higher winds than traditional shingle roofing.  Metal roofing is also more fire-resistant than traditional roofing materials.  Warranties range from 20-50 years and most carry a paint finish warranty of 25+ years depending upon the manufacturer and the process they use to produce the metal roof product.  

While asphalt shingles typically weigh 750 lbs., per 100 square feet a metal roof weighs anywhere from 50 to 150 lbs., per 100 square feet.  Metal roofing is lightweight and causes less stress on the attic and roof decking.  

Easier Installation

Metal roofing is easier to install and takes less time than traditional roofing.  Metal roofing panels typically come in sections that are 12”- 36” wide.  The ease of installation cuts down on time and contractor labor costs.  Professional roofing companies can install metal roofing fairly quickly and get your roof “in the dry” following storm, hail or wind damage.  Because it’s a lightweight material a metal roof requires less support underneath if you are building which results in fewer materials.  

Heat Reflection

Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun which saves energy for your air conditioning throughout the day.  When metal roofing is installed over foam insulation it can reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Fire Reduction Risk: 

Metal roofing materials are non-combustible which means you will have a Class-A fire resting.  However, the sub materials used in the roofing could ignite in extensive heat.  The majority of metal roofs installed on top of wood shingles have a low Class-C rating.  

A metal roof usually requires a minimal roof pitch which means you can go lower without leaks or water damage.  Typically the minimum roof pitch is 3-in-12.  This is also an advantage when it comes to rain and snow.  The pitch and the way the panels of a metal roof come together promote snow and ice melt instead of trapping them in ice dams which can occur upon traditional asphalt shingle roofs.  The pitch and design promote melting or expelling of moisture so your roof remains dry.  

Metal roofing is more expensive than traditional roofing, but the investment typically pays for itself in the years of service.   Keep in mind that the sound of rain against a metal roof isn’t for everyone.  And while a metal roof is highly resistant to the elements it can still be dented, or damaged by significant hail storms, or falling branches.  

Ultimately the decision to install a metal roof v.s. Asphalt shingles are up to the homeowner.  

At Gilstrap Roofing we’ve been serving the roofing needs of the Upstate in South Carolina since 1935.  Call us today and let’s discuss the best roof for your new home or replacement roof.  We will not install a roof that we do not recommend as it relates to your specific circumstances and application.  We want to make sure have the right roof for your unique needs.  Our name is on every job and we want to make sure it’s the right roof for you!

We offer comprehensive roofing services, completed by our professional team of skilled technicians, giving you peace of mind that your roof will last.  As a family-owned business with a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, we care about our workmanship.  

Brian Gilstrap, President

Gilstrap Roofing

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864.269.1232  Email: office@gilstraproofing.com

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