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Benefits of Pest Control You May Not Know

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Professional pest control has many benefits and advantages.  The obvious is the elimination of pests and the treatment of them if seen between regularly scheduled visits.  However, there are benefits that aren’t so obvious unless you have experienced them.

Your professional pest control technician is constantly on the lookout for signs of pests, bugs, and rodents around and under your home.  For reputable pest control companies, every scheduled treatment visit is also an inspection opportunity.  A professional technician is looking for signs of activity from pest waste, to skins/shells from eggs, etc., points of entry like cracks and crevices.  This is in addition to applying treatment for the ongoing prevention service you are paying for.  

There are countless stories of customers who’ve benefited from these regular inspections. Mr. Jones had periodically detected a foul odor in his kitchen for a couple of weeks.  His pest control tech noticed the smell of decomposition when he opened the crawlspace access during his regular visit.  Immediately he went searching for a dead rodent and found a mouse that had been dead for several weeks.  Mr. Jones was fortunate his pest control tech picked up on it and immediately removed the source saving him serious malefactor odor removal and sanitization costs either from a professional company or at his own expense and time.  

Another customer had wondered about the musty smell in her crawlspace but only thought of it when she had to access the crawl space for stored items she rarely needed or used.   While inspecting her home on a quarterly visit her technician immediately noted the odor and searched for sources of moisture.  He discovered areas of water intrusion from several sources.  Upon further inspection, he noted a recent external drainage issue that was more serious and could be remedied with a french drain system.  Water and moisture are breeding grounds for wood rot, termites, carpenter ants, and other pests that love dark, wet, or humid environments, not to mention mildew and mold buildup that can cause respiratory or other health-related issues.

You never know what you will find in crawlspaces, basements, attics, storage buildings and anywhere else your termite and pest control company inspects and works.  

Countless issues have been found and most resolved before they grew worse and costing a lot of money and time all because a vigilant tech was alert to changes in, around or under a home.  Sometimes it’s something as small as a loose gutter and french drain corrugated pipe connection leaking water instead of going out the pipe away from the residence.  Other times it’s an invasion of bees in the walls, or issue, or recommendations of gaps allowing pests to winterize in your home.

Teh cost, inconvenience and time savings can be enormous when issues are found quarterly instead of annually, or every 18 months.  If just one observation is made to save money on an otherwise costly repair you more than recoup your investment in quarterly termite and pest control service.  

Apex Termite & Pest Control has been providing professional termite and pest control services in the Upstate since 1957.  We are a family-owned and operated business providing a range of pest solutions for our customers.  Our pest control services include quarterly treatments with year-round protection and free re-services as needed.  Our technicians are trained to notice and pay attention to things you might not notice until it’s too late.  Call us today to discuss your needs, or receive a free evaluation.

Austin Hamilton

General Manager Apex Termite & Pest Control

(864) 877-2702     


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