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High quality townhomes provide a great home option for those who want to live in a specific community without having the responsibilities of a detached single family home.  Those responsibilities include lawn care, landscaping and exterior maintenance.  Active young professionals, first time homeowners, empty-nesters and those just beginning a family can find townhome living advantageous.  

Townhomes are defined as a single family dwelling with at least two floors that share a wall with another house.  Each townhome is individually owned.    

Today’s townhomes offer a variety of options in terms of countertops, appliances, cabinets, flooring and paint options.  These available upgrades are the same available to single family homebuyers.  Crafted countertops and hardwood flooring options allow owners to customize the interior of their home as opposed to the “cookie cutter” style from the past. Options are a big part of the modern townhome.  These homeowners do not have to compromise their style, tastes and preferences.

A townhome located in a vibrant imaginative community mixed with single family homes is an investment in something a prospective buyer might not otherwise be able to afford and yet still take advantage of that community’s generous amenities and lifestyle.  A townhome without a garage is very affordable for first time buyers, but others can choose a unit with a garage and neither has to sacrifice convenience and comfort.  One thing is certain you won’t need to store lawn and landscaping  tools or exterior maintenance equipment because the HOA takes care of it for you!

O’Neal Village located off SC Hwy 101 between Lake Robinson and Lake Cunningham in Greer, SC offers a variety of beautifully crafted townhomes mixed within multiple phases of the community and breathtaking

views of the foothills and spectacular sunsets.  Two of O’Neal Village’s builders, Crescent and Lennar, are constructing townhomes with and without garages.  O’Neal Villages amenities are generous: workout facility, resort style swimming pool, large fenced dog park, Wicker Park with a large stone community fireplace, basketball court, and an amphitheater for concerts and various community events.  

As a former resident and O’Neal Village townhome owner I can vouch for the quality, layout, maintenance and appeal of the community.  As empty-nesters we enjoyed watching the kids play at Wicker Park, people walking by every day with their dogs and a genuine sense of community with our neighbors.  The amenities were a huge bonus.  Seeing neighbors at the pool, in the workout facility, or dog park instilled a sense of belonging and being part of something bigger than us.  An evening walk waving and talking to neighbors, gathering at the pool on weekends, or just sitting on the porch and greeting neighbors walking by were just some of the highlights we experienced in O’Neal Village.

As active adults we had no problem with all of our bedrooms being on the second floor.  It was actually a plus in our 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath townhome with a garage.  

The Randolph Group has given great thought to creating an imaginative community that includes single-family, townhomes and a retail component.  Nothing has been left to chance in the “Village”.  Superb amenities, beautiful grounds, and quality craftsmanship adorn the grounds easily accessible from Highway 101 and O’Neal Church Road between the lakes and in the shadow of the Foothills.  

O’Neal Village



25 Noble Street

Greer, SC 29652

A TRG Community

TRG Communities creates imaginative places for homeowners to enjoy a wide array of amenities and living space.  We design communities instead of houses and neighborhoods!  Our desire is for the total enjoyment and satisfaction of our residents.  

Contact us: 864.239.6683   or email us at info@trgcommunities.com

Monty Carter is a writer for WebSpeak Media and a former resident of O’Neal Village townhomes.  

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