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Spring Storms and Roofing

Spring Storms and Roofing

Spring has arrived full fledged with extremely warm temperatures and thunderstorms from the west and south. If you live in the Southeastern part of the U.S. you know that springtime can be hectic with cellphone and weather alerts about severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes.

No one is immune to this severe weather that can play havoc with your roof. Roof damage from a severe thunderstorm and high winds can be extensive and costly. Typically, when a storm hits a southeast town or city, a large contractor will descend upon one or more neighborhoods trying to get their business and insurance coverage repaired for damages. These companies prey on storm victims following significant weather events. Their goal is to do a quick insurance paid repair and get out of town as they move on to the next storm system in another city.

If you have been a victim of a storm don’t take the first roofer that comes along. Be vigilant in researching their online reviews and BBB ranking. Too many consumers have been burned from fly by night roofing companies that just want to turn a quick insurance buck and offer no warranty on their work.

As a consumer be wise in choosing a reputable roofing company to repair storm damaged roofing. Contact your insurance agent at the first sign of damage and learn about your options.

Roof damage following heavy thunderstorms, tornadoes or high winds can be extensive and expensive. Wanting to get everything “back to normal” as soon as possible is understandable. However, you need to be careful about letting your emotions get ahead of you and just hiring the first company that lands on your doorstep following a storm. Beware of storm chasing roofers and contractors showing up on your door unsolicited following a storm.

When a roofer shows up on your doorstep following a major storm, ask questions. What is their liability and workman’s compensation insurance coverage? What is their Better Business Bureau ranking? Have there been any complaints lodged against the company for past storm repairs? Ask if they are licensed to work in your area.

The storm chasing roofing epidemic has become so prevalent that the Better Business Bureau has posted guidelines for consumers regarding storm-chasers.

A reputable, licensed, local roofing company will not come to your home unsolicited following a storm. They don’t “get out of town” when the job is done, they stay because like you, they live and work in the same community. This is one of the biggest reasons to contract a local roofing company. They will be accessible for questions and warranty work after the job is completed. Reputable roofing companies can provide multiple local referrals, proof of their license both state and local, workman’s comp, liability insurance coverage, and total accountability in proof of their training and work history that qualifies them to be legitimate roofing contractors. Storm-chasers like to avoid these accountability markers.

In 2016 an 18-mile tornado touched down through Simpsonville, SC per the National Weather Service. Within three hours of the storm, damaged neighborhoods were plagued with out-of-state “roofing” companies going door to door soliciting work. Many promised potential customers that their neighbors had decided to go with them when they hadn’t committed to any company.

Others fearing more water damage contracted the companies to cover their roofs in tarps only to discover they were in for a major battle on the damage repair and reconstruction they hadn’t agreed to because they were still waiting on insurance adjusters and had simply gotten approval to tarp their roofs.

In one specific community neighbors got together following the storm and as they started picking up and surveyed the damage they began to share their notes about the “on the spot” contractors all sharing similar high-pressure techniques and sketchy business practices.

At Gilstrap Roofing we have been serving the Upstate longer than any other roofing contractor accredited by the Better Business Bureau, spanning four generations. We live, work and play here so we have a lot at stake when it comes to providing quality roofing with certified crews.

Brian Gilstrap, President
Gilstrap Roofing
Greenville, SC 29611

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