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Property Maintenance in HOA Communities


Maintaining your property is critical to the neighborhood and surrounding property values. When homebuyers tour a neighborhood one of the first things they notice is the care and maintenance of individual homeowners.

Neighborhoods with weeds, mold on siding and unkept lawns is a tell and devalue property values. Maintaining your property will not only increase the value of your property but the neighborhood as a whole.

Unmaintained lawns and homes are huge tells for realtors and potential buyers. People are drawn to homes and neighborhoods that are well maintained. And they are detracted from those that don’t.

O’Neal Village has enjoyed a wonderful reputation as a neighborhood and community that self-maintains lawns and homes. Colorful floral arrangements in the spring through fall months have a natural attraction for prospective buyers. Neighbors also appreciate the care, maintenance, and improvements of fellow homeowners.

A community can maintain a high standard of care and maintenance for common grounds and amenities, but it relies on each resident to do the same for each individual residence. Simple and regular ongoing maintenance ensures increased property values and community value.

Things to consider on your own property:

  • Is it time to pressure wash the siding, sidewalks, driveway, and house?
  • How is the landscaping shaping up for the particular season?
  • Are there home improvements that need to be made in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood?
  • Is my landscaping detracting or contributing to the overall neighborhood appearance?
  • Do I need to refresh my mulch and plants?
  • Does my deck or fencing need to be pressured washed and treated?
  • Is my home a neighborhood attraction or deterrent?

HOA’s have very explicit directions in terms of community and neighborhood care as it relates to each homeowner. Living in an HOA-guided community doesn’t mean you can’t express your property in the ways you want to, however, it does mean you accepted the community values, standards, and expectations upon purchase. The HOA is not a hindrance to property owners, but a guide that helps set standards for the neighborhood and community from a localized board of homeowners.

O’Neal Village is proud of its HOA board and the standards we’ve adopted for living in such a wonderful community. We are delighted and thrilled for every homeowner and the contributions they make to our community. It’s why we are one of the most sought-after communities in Greer.

The HOA Board and our developer take great pride in our community and invite residential input regularly. While we recognize differences will occur upon occasion between homeowners and the HOA, we acknowledge that HOA covenants and governance are communicated upfront prior to the purchase of the property. Our goal is to provide a safe, inviting community full of activities and events that seek to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.

O’Neal Village in Greer, South Carolina is an example of such a neighborhood. The Randolph Group has given great thought to creating an imaginative community that includes single-family and multi-family residences (Townhomes) and retail. Nothing has been left to chance in the “Village”. Superb amenities, beautiful grounds, and quality craftmanship adorn the grounds easily accessible from Highway 101 and O’Neal Church Road between the lakes and in the shadow of the Foothills.

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