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I-85 Corridor & Upstate Are Growing

The Upstate and Greenville, South Carolina are among the top 10 fastest-growing metro areas in the United States according to some new research by Redfin.  The “Charlanta” corridor (I-85 between Atlanta, Greenville, and Charlotte) is among the fastest-growing metros trailing places like Phoenix, Dallas, Orlando, and Tampa just slightly.  According to a recent article in A-Z Business Magazine Greenville is ahead of 9th ranked Charlotte and just behind 7th ranked Atlanta of new in-flow in new homeowners and residents.  Greenville gained just shy of 39,000 new residents in 2020 ahead of Charlotte’s nearly 38,000 and just behind Atlanta’s 42,000+ new residents.  

The expansive growth means demand for new homes and each of the top 10 markets, including Greenville has builders and developers scrambling to keep up.  According to Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather in the article:  “People aren’t moving to places with more homes available to buy; they’re moving to places with more affordable homes to buy….Remote workers leaving expensive places for relatively affordable areas, partly because the allure of more house for less money is strong, is exacerbating housing supply shortages in more affordable parts of the country.”

Residential building permits are up and so is the development from Atlanta to Charlotte.   Many young professionals are fleeing the high-priced living of places like San Francisco, NY, Chicago, and Miami with the options for remote work and the ability to lower their housing/mortgage payment while still being able to save money on the cost of living in many of these areas and save.

The growth presents a boon for developers and builders but points out the level of competition that locals (current residents moves within a particular metro) now have in considering a new home or residence.  It also means moving south is more affordable for a variety of reasons.  Among them, lower housing costs, taxes on property, sales, and state income tend to be lower, as well as an overall lower COLA and higher quality of living.  In many of the growth metros like Greenville, commuting and traffic are light compared to higher populated metros.  Vibrant downtown life and retail along with access to major sporting events, concerts, and entertainment just adds to the value.  

The growing metros have spectacular downtown areas, easy access to shopping, high-quality medical care, strong public safety, schools with relatively lower travel time to the beach or mountains for getaway weekends.  For many of these transfers and new in-flow residents, it’s not as important to live on the ocean or in the mountains as it is to be accessible for when they need “getaway time” for family.  

TRG (The Randolph Group) is doing its part to provide housing choices in a variety of mixed-use communities in the Upstate with access to a quality of life absent attractive shops, dining, and other amenities.  

Developments such as Pinestone in Travelers Rest, O’Neal Village in Greer, Pendleton West, Carilion, and others offer the opportunity to get more value out of your dollar without sacrificing or giving up amenities previously enjoyed in other metro areas.  Downtown Greenville offers a palette of choice for the arts, fine dining, with easy access to hiking trails, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, quaint and charming towns like Greer, Travelers Rest, and beyond offer an easy connection to local culture, art, food, and entertainment.   

There are new homes and lots available in each of our developments for those looking to take advantage of all the Upstate of South Carolina has to offer.  Contact us today to discover how we can help make your dream of affordable living without sacrificing amenities a reality.  Come discover the difference of the Upstate of South Carolina.  

TRG Communities creates imaginative places for homeowners to enjoy a wide array of amenities and living space.  We design communities instead of houses and neighborhoods!  Our desire is for the total enjoyment and satisfaction of our residents.   Our developments include O’Neal Village in Greer, SC, Foxbank Plantation in Charleston, Verdmont and Carilion in Travelers Rest, and Neely Farm in Simpsonville, and our newest communities of Pinestone and Magnolia Cottages in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. 

Contact us at http://trgcommunities.com/contact  864.239.6683

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