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Effective Post-Operative Pain Management at Cherry Orchard Oral Surgery

Even though oral surgery may seem a bit daunting, it doesn’t have to live up to your scariest expectations. At Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery, we understand that managing post-operative discomfort is a significant concern for our patients. Dr. Brian R. Cherry and our dedicated team are committed to providing excellent care both during the procedure and the post-operative period. This blog post will explore Dr. Cherry’s approach to post-operative pain management, emphasizing his commitment to patient education, the proper use of over-the-counter pain medications and the importance of seeking assistance when needed.

Patient care and comfort are Dr. Cherry’s top priorities from the moment you walk through the door on the day of your procedure until you get home. We recognize that each individual’s experience may vary, and their pain tolerance can differ significantly. That’s why we always work closely with our patients to educate them about proper post-operative care prior to surgery. By setting clear expectations and offering guidance, we can help patients manage their discomfort effectively.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medications

The American Dental Association has recommended a shift in the approach to post-operative pain management. They now suggest that alternating between Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen (Advil) can be more effective than prescription narcotics. Many universities, including Dr. Cherry’s alma mater, Boston University, have embraced this narcotic-free approach. As a result, Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery advocates this method, which has proven to be the most effective and impactful solution for reducing pain after surgery.

Why Over-the-Counter Medication?

Over-the-counter pain medications offer several advantages for post-operative pain management. They relieve discomfort without the extreme addiction side effects associated with narcotics. In contrast to narcotic medications, which block pain receptors in the brain, over-the-counter medications target pain receptors at the specific areas of inflammation or pain. Moreover, they are readily available and do not require the hassle of prescription refills. As part of a patient-centered approach to pain management, Dr. Cherry and our team are committed to providing patients with safe, accessible, and effective pain management following oral surgery. At Dr. Cherry’s discretion, a limited quantity of a stronger prescription may be given for use sparingly if needed, but giving yourself adequate time and rest to heal is also vital in the recovery process.

Recovery Timeline

The duration of post-operative discomfort can vary from person to person and depends on the procedure. Patients can usually expect moderate discomfort for around 3-5 days, but rarely longer. It’s important to remember that recovery takes time, and patience is often necessary to experience total relief. Dr. Cherry and his team are committed to providing continuous support throughout recovery. If patients are in pain or have concerns, our team is just a phone call away. We’ll typically ask that you come in for us to take a look and tackle the pain head-on to avoid any prolonged recovery times.

At Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery, we understand the importance of empowering our patients to feel their best as quickly as possible. By recommending over-the-counter pain medications, when possible, over the use of narcotics, we aim to provide our patients with a safer and simpler means of managing discomfort. Our patient-centered approach, coupled with our commitment to educating patients on post-operative care, ensures that everyone who enters our doors can achieve a comfortable and speedy recovery. Remember, when you choose Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery, you’re not just choosing a team of professionals; you’re choosing a dedicated support system here to guide you every step of the way.

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