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You’ve been patiently working through #covid19 and you are still seeing payables and income fall.  Don’t panic!  Welcome to the post #covid19 world we are all dealing with.  Instead of asking “why?” “why?” what are you doing about it?  Clients, customers, and consumers are all reeling from the virus and its economic impact.  Life, as we know it, has changed and it may never return to “normal”.   Keep that in mind.

You’ve got to be creative during these uncertain times.  What have you done that’s different from what you were previously doing?  We all know that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  Think outside the virus.  Get aside and brainstorm your business, clients/customers from all angles.  Find the need and fill the gap.  What do you have to offer that’s unique, special, and independent? 

Everyone is looking for the elusive economic rainbow.  With petroleum prices plummeting and the stock market on a rollercoaster, it’s beyond time to have an intentional gameplan.  The rainbow of opportunity is there you just have to seize it.

While the competition cuts prices you should increase!  While the competition cuts marketing efforts you should increase!  Why?  Investment precedes dividends.  It’s a simple rule of investment.  If you cut all your marketing budget today how much will you have to spend in the future to catch up?  Digital media is the frontline of advertising and marketing.  Reducing your online presence will only hurt in the long run.  It’s a long play and you don’t want to have to battle back for the groundwork you’ve already achieved through Google.  Don’t give the competition a “leg up” in the race for digital marketing significance.

What channels are working for you?  Website, social media, Google My Business, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc?  Analyze the data and see where your business is relevant.  And invest where it’s working.  Are social media channels, Google Ads, Linkedin, FB ads working for you?  Then don’t pull out.  Maintain them until you can increase them.

The smart play in digital marketing is content.  Are you producing thought leadership papers and posting them to the appropriate channels?  Are you blogging?  Are you making sure keywords, tags, and titles are in play?  These are really important digital triggers to be watching.  

When the competition is cutting marketing and especially digital marketing it’s time to increase your investment.  You will enjoy the advantage of the circumstance.  People are still interested in buying goods, services, and products.  Your digital marketing presence will only increase when the competition is cutting marketing budgets and services.

At WebSpeak Media we care about our clients and we want to help them invest for the right reasons and market.  Our goal is to deliver value to our clients and we won’t recommend something just to make a buck!  We want our clients to be successful in all they do and helping them make informed marketing decisions is part of our role.

Charles Carter, Partner

Webspeak Media 

Greer, SC 29651



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