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Some ideas to consider when assessing the performance of your website.

Jerry owns a plumbing supply company and four years ago he paid to have a website created by a website design firm, or private website designer. The site was great and looked wonderful, but over time Jerry stopped getting traffic, clicks and leads on his website. He became unhappy with all things web.

However, during that time Jerry did little to nothing to update, or maintain his website. He opted for a one-time design and no ongoing maintenance, or content updates. He basically treated his website as an online billboard and failed to grasp the importance of what an active website can do for your business. Running a dated website is like an automotive dealer running his President Day Sales ad in May, or an Interstate billboard that is peeling with old information. He doesn’t realize he is still using CD audio in a Cloud world.

Despite having admin access to input new information and content, he never did, except for an occasional FB post by the office manager. His web content, pictures and links were dated. Google never got beyond the initial pages that were created from four years ago. At the end of the day Jerry bought a house he couldn’t afford to maintain, or better yet, failed to understand that investment precedes dividend. Meanwhile the competition marches on.

Hey Jerry, consider that:

  • Today, a mobile device not the desktop/laptop your site was designed for views 80% of your traffic. Responsive design is the way to go.
  • If your site doesn’t load within 5-8 seconds potential customers are gone! Translation: Your impressive plumbing video is dragging down your site and taking forever to load.
  • SEO is bigger and better than it was four years ago. Translation: more clicks and more potential leads/customers.
  • Blogging is bigger than ever. A simple blog will drive traffic to your site and back linking to social media platforms will generate more traffic.
  • TLP’s (Thought Leadership Papers) develop traffic and increase your online exposure.
  • PPC is something you need to consider.
  • Designating a person in the office to handle your web content is a bad idea. It’s like hiring a dentist to fix your plumbing. Apples and oranges.
  • #=Hash tag need we explain?
  • In 2014 there were 1B websites worldwide. Today there is 1.8B+ Keep up!
  • CMS is dying and a Web Experience Platform is the new order
  • Four years ago WordPress was a tool to create a website. Today WordPress powers over 32% of all websites on the Internet.
  • HTML 5 is the word of the day. Your site may have been HTML or HTML4. #Progress

Garage designers are great to get you up and running, but a full-service web design firm thinks beyond the initial design. Web Design firms are pro’s. They make sure your website is cutting-edge and they deliver on updated, on point content that delivers clicks, customers, or clients landing on your site, page, or social media platforms. They understand that you aren’t able to keep up with the weekly-monthly-annual updates. They exist to take care of your digital design needs and make you stand out from the competition.

WebSpeak Media is more than a website producer. We are committed to helping our clients leave a lasting and relevant digital imprint that is continually generating traffic, impressions, and maximum SEO. Contact us today to help you climb out of the time warp! Don’t be a Jerry!

Charlie Carter, WebSpeak Media

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