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Voice SEO is Here to Stay & Growing

Voice SEO is Here to Stay & Growing

If you have hands and can use them you may or may not give voice SEO another thought.  However, a strong number of global users give their fingers a break and use voice command search through Alexa, Siri, etc., to conduct internet searches when looking for something specific.   Previously, the technology was a solution for the blind, or physically impaired who could use their voice instead of their limbs to search the Internet, or frantic drivers in a pinch for directions.  

The critics of voice-based Internet searches say the point is moot because it eventually reverts to text, but tell that to someone who is impaired, or multi-tasking and using their hands to type something while still wanting to search for the nearest importer of Persian rugs, or a local honey supplier and they will recoil.  The technology has given millions a free hand to search the web like never before.  

Alexa and Siri among other voice assistants help us when our hands are busy doing something else or if we have limited mobility.  It’s only a matter of time before industry and manufacturing harnesses this power production workers and those on the front lines who need an extra hand.

Is your business/product taking advantage of voice SEO?  Are you coming up in the growing verbal searches being made through mobile applications, Siri and Alexa?  If not, you may be missing a growing number of verbal searchers for services and products.  Researchers are reporting anywhere from 20-30% of all mobile searches being made by voice and the home/office segment is growing as well.  Why keyboard Google for the closest place with Thai food for the bosses lunch when you can continue to type and do it via voice command?

In recent years Google partnered with retail giant Walmart to help customers shop via voice through a Walmart program that integrates with Google Assistant and Google’s Express shopping service.  And the incentives are piling up for customers that opt for voice command/orders.   It’s only going to increase and your company needs to consider getting on the surfboard to catch the next wave of verbal/voice SEO.  

Forbes contributor and columnist Amine Bentahar wrote about the advantages of this growing SEO trend in 2017:

“..When your clients think about their business, help them to think about the problems they wish to solve and then write content that answers these questions to help customers. In this way, keyword research can be tougher but can lead to more direct results that help people find solutions.

Once you and your client have thought about the best terms and questions to target, look up the results that Google provides, especially if there is a Google Answer Box. Think about ways to more directly answer the question being posed. In voice searches, these are the answers that get read aloud, and therefore have a high likelihood of drawing a customer in.

Finally, think about how people actually talk and target those long-tail keywords in your voice search SEO approach. Put these answers at the top of your clients’ pages, ideally in the first sentence, to let Google know that you are answering the question that the searcher is researching.”

Verbal/voice SEO is only going to grow especially as multitasking mobile users are seeking answers for their queries.   According to wordstream.com, “In 2017, there were 33 million voice search devices in circulation, with 40% of adults using them every day. In fact, Google’s voice search tool received 35 times more search queries in 2016 compared to when it launched in 2008.”

Clearly, voice search and SEO is only going to climb exponentially in the next two years.  Is your company already invested or considering this SEO investment?  If not, they should be.

WebSpeak Media has been providing digital marketing solutions for 20+ years and we would love to talk to you about your SEO plans especially your vocal search SEO strategy.  We believe in providing value to our clients and enjoy long-term relationships that yield results.  Contact us today to learn more.

 Charles Carter, Partner 

  Webspeak Media

  Greer, SC 29651



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