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So many local companies have great products or services, but their businesses suffer from having a small digital presence, or one that isn’t increasing traffic through their funnel for leads and customer conversion.  They may have put up a website, launched a social or professional media presence on LinkedIn or Facebook, but few understand how they work together.  If you are self-maintaining each of these you are already behind the 8-ball and the competition.  Here’s the rub with self-digital marketing. 

It’s not your wheelhouse!  And that’s ok!  However, recognizing the need to get professional help when it comes to Google ads, SEO, PPC, social media, keywords, phrases, title tags, backlinks, meaningful content, thought leadership, 3rd party validation, and website design or development is critical. Digital marketing professionals understand the in’s and out’s of the digital world.  They know what tracks, increases organic and paid advertising while honing in on a specific target audience.  Increasing search relevance/ranking is what they do every single day.  They rely on metrics to track progress and guide digital advertising efforts.  Their decisions are based on lots of experience backed by statistical and performance data.  Too many business owners have tried to drive the digital bus on their own only to be disappointed with getting lost.  It’s easy to get lost in the digital marketing world or spend a lot of time and money with disappointing results.  The DIY digital marketing effort can only carry you so far.  

This is why you need a digital marketing professional in your corner.  They understand SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, and design.  Let’s say you own a local shoe store chain and you know men’s and women’s shoes like the back of your hand.  You’ve been selling shoes for 40+ years.  However, digital marketing is not your expertise, but you try and attempt to post to Facebook, Google Ads, and your website.  However, your results are less than exemplary, you get frustrated and it’s not your fault!  

You need a professional who knows and understands the digital market.  Here’s the deal, you are the subject matter expert in your specific industry.  However, you are not an expert in digital marketing.  And that’s okay, but you need an advocate in your corner with proven results from previous/current clients within the discipline of digital marketing and media.  Digital marketing pros have years of experience and understand what works for specific products or services and what won’t work for others.  As a layperson, you wouldn’t attempt to perform an appendectomy on yourself.  You would seek a medical doctor and a general surgeon.  So why wouldn’t you entrust your business branding and digital positioning to qualified digital pros?  

Digital marketing pros listen to their clients and do not presume to be the subject matter experts of their respective services, product, or field of expertise.  They will rely on your expertise, but remember that they are the subject matter experts when it comes to digital marketing.  This is why it takes a unified partnership committed to the long play for success, ROI, and qualified leads.  Make an investment in a digital marketing professional and you will realize results and benefits.  You will also become more educated on digital marketing.  

As a business owner, you can have experience and knowledge in the newspaper, magazine, direct mail, radio, and television advertising campaigns.  However, digital marketing is very different and it changes constantly.  Few business owners have the time to become fully certified by Google, stay current in their algorithm changes, or have the gift of web design and writing meaningful content.  Digital pros can identify a problem with one keystroke, or a change in a specific keyword.  They know how to generate short-term and long play marketing efforts that end with tangible results.  

When you invest in a digital marketing firm you are entrusting them to provide value for their services as you provide value in your products or services.  Consult a digital marketing firm and listen to their input, advice, proposals, and then take time to make a decision on what you want to accomplish and achieve.   What are your goals?  Who is your competition?  These are things a reputable digital marketing agency will dive into with you and your team among many other things as they shape and develop a personalized plan for your business.  

At WebSpeak Media we have been helping local, and small businesses for 20+ years with their digital marketing efforts by providing measurable results through cogent plans and design based upon their desired outcomes and key targets.  We are a small, family-owned, niche digital marketing firm committed to building relationships with clients for long-term results based on mutually agreed upon strategies and marketing plans.  

Charles Carter, Partner       

WebSpeak Media 

Greer, SC 29651


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