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Perception Isn’t Reality, Or Is It

A friend was recently interested in a particular condo in the Lowcountry that promoted itself as the most caring and attentive community in the area.  Upon entry to the office he was basically ignored for 20 minutes.  There were several people visibly not busy and available to help him yet he continued to patiently wait for someone to speak with him.  He was “all in” based on their website, Google ads, reviews  and Facebook comments.  However, his 20 minute wait quickly went to :45 as salespeople continued to tell him that someone would be with him soon.

Finally, after an hour of waiting my friend was met by an account executive who was more interested in getting to lunch hour than attending to my friend’s needs or inquiry.  The sales exec was indifferent and almost annoyed that my friend was there a half hour before lunch.  Yet, my friend had been patiently waiting since 10:15 a.m.  It was now 11:15 and the presentation was hurried and he felt they were just going through the motions to get him out the door so they could go to lunch.  He left, fully capable of buying a condo with plenty of cash down, but the sales executive missed the boat!

Sometimes perception is real and sometimes it’s not.  My friend left and eventually purchased another property in a different development. When you promote your business as “caring and attentive,” you need to be prepared to deliver on your promise!  One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is promoting yourself as something you are not!  You may think you are attentive and caring, but if your actions don’t back it up you are not!

Perception dictates that companies and businesses deliver on their promises.   Put simply don’t promise, or promote what you are incapable of delivering.  If you are the “caring” church then by all means deliver a caring spirit.  If you are not then don’t promote it.  If your company says it’s a company that listens then by all means listen instead of giving your pitch up front!  Don’t say you care if you really don’t!  You get the idea.

In regard to perception one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is to promote yourself as something you are not!  Think about the company that promotes itself as a “friendly” company yet the receptionist is a grump as they come.   

Reputable digital marketing companies do their due diligence to determine if your company is offering what you are promoting or advertising.   No digital marketing company worth its salt wants to promote a lie, or be a party to deception.  That’s why credible companies will do a “deep dive” into your company and make sure you are delivering exactly what you advertise.  If you aren’t, they will be honest with you and point out the discrepancy while helping you advertise in truth.  They will not compromise the truth for the sake of a sale!

We have 20+ years of digital marketing experience and can help you tell your digital story with honesty and integrity.  We will not advise you to promote yourself as something you are not and we will help you promote your company with integrity, honesty and character.  We have a proven track record of helping companies promote a perception that matches reality.  Contact us today for help with your SEO, Content Marketing, website development, thought leadership and much more.  BE WHO YOU ARE and tell the world!

We help clients find their voice and tell their story in a world full of noise.  Our goal is to help our clients stand out from the crowd and distinguish themselves amidst the noise.   Don’t worry about the noise of the competition.  Engage people who are simply trying to paint a picture that stands out from the crowd.  You deserve the best so ask for it!

Charlie Carter, Partner




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