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I think I’m on week six of our team working from home due to #Covid19. But it seems like it’s been since Christmas. All of us are experiencing the “new normal” and wondering when life will return to some sense of normalcy and what will it be like? The creativity, innovative, funny, heart-warming stories, and social media posts keep us going. You have to laugh, stay positive, and see the good around you or you will go into a very dark hole.

Many have started new exercise routines or taking a daily walk. Others are throwing themselves into home #DIY projects. Meditation, prayer, and journaling are providing relief for many. Cooking at home and crafts are off the charts. Mask making, food donations, store runs for the elderly, sharing with those in need, and cheering on #1stResponders is giving many a renewed sense of purpose.

I journaled fairly regularly for 25+ years. Some time ago I gave it up. However, the isolation of these virus days has given me a lot of time to pause, reflect, and take stock of my life. Teletherapy is a lifesaver too! I’ve been contemplating what’s important to me. Now on the backside of life as an empty-nester and grandparent, the things that were so important in my 30’s and 40’s are no longer on my radar. I’m not a wealthy man, but upon reflection these last few weeks I really am. No, I didn’t win the lottery or sell the stock before the market tumbled. My wealth is in little things that are precious and valuable to me.

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My father was a pastor of local churches for over 50 years. He wasn’t financially wealthy. However, he collected iron cast and metal toy cars and trucks for years. Somewhere around his 75th year, he started giving them away to family members. One of my most treasured possessions is his red, 1957 convertible corvette. I’ll never own a Vette, but I don’t need to. I’ve got one on my shelf along with some #Matchbox toy cars from my childhood. Every time I look at the red Vette I smile and remember my family, parents, sister, grandparents, and others who taught me to enjoy simple things, to work hard, laugh a lot, redeem the time with family and friends and be generous. Mother has been giving away her simple treasures too.

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Use this time to reflect and think about what’s really important deep within. Does all the stuff really matter? Is the title, position, salary, another big contract, awards, accolades or acquiring more stuff driving you? If so, dig a little deeper. Find your ’57 red Vette whatever it may be. Don’t worship it either. One day in the near future I will pass it on just as my father did. Find your Vette and you will be renewed, refreshed, and rewarded beyond your imagination.

Monty Carter, Story Teller


Monty Carter
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