Use a Guide: Be Prepared and Be Ready 

One of the biggest challenges in fresh water fishing is having the right tackle in your bag, bucket, or boat.  You can have prime conditions, incredible water clarity and temperature, but if you aren’t presenting the right lure you aren’t going to catch fish!  

Many a fisherman or woman has seen big fish below them only to be disappointed when the fish don’t bite the lure on the end of their rod.  Fish may be present, but they aren’t going to bite on just any lure. So many things go into catching a fish. Things like water temperature, time of year, water clarity and color, presentation, barometric pressure, spawn cycles and more affect catching fish.  

Every one of us has gone to the lake with our latest and greatest lure only to be disappointed when we zeroed out for the day!  At least you were fishing, but no one wants to ZERO out. People who don’t fish typically aren’t aware of all the variables involved in the sport.  

Digital Media design and strategy is a lot like fishing.  You don’t just get an online template and throw up a website and scatter gun your message. Although some do, the results are rarely what they expected.  Great websites and social media for companies drives traffic, generates leads, customers/clients and expands brand awareness.  

When fishing a new, large lake it’s wise to spend the money for a guide to show you the lake and where there are fish.  The guide will help you mark the lake map so you will be able to return without spinning your wheels trying to figure out where to find fish.  The guide is a subject expert, and usually on one of the amateur/pro bass tours. They not only know how to fish, what to use on the new lake, but most importantly where you will and where you won’t catch fish.  It’s a great investment to save valuable time and money.

A digital media firm is like a fishing guide.  They know where to go, what bait/lure to use on certain days  (cloudy, sunny, etc.) and the best time to catch fish whether early morning, or just before sundown.  When choosing a digital design firm make sure they know what they are doing. Go online and review their work.  Ask them for references. And make sure they take the time to get to know your company, target audience, competition, and products.  Strong digital media guides are great listeners and want to help you tell your story online and fulfill your vision. 

The digital media guide can save valuable time, money and resources.  They know if your current site is optimized to deliver results. They will have already analyzed your current site to gauge its performance before you meet.  They understand and live in the Google Analytics world. SEO is a mainstay for them because it boosts traffic. They speak Google, mobile devices, Great digital design guides zero in on your companies DNA, mission and vision to develop content and a “look and feel,” that captures your company!  

You can fish a big lake all day and never catch a fish if you don’t know where to find them.   You will waste your time and resources. But a guide can make your next trip to the same lake enjoyable, profitable and fun.  Great digital design firms can do the same for your company regardless of size.  

Charlie Carter, Partner

 WebSpeak Media


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