How you package your product is a major decision. Both the design and the actual material that you package your product in are important to the success of your product sales. You need to choose a package that shows your product off and at the same time keeps it safe, clean, and complete.

What are some options for product packaging materials?

Blister Packaging This is a package that consists of a preformed plastic that holds the product. This type of pre-formed plastic packaging can be used for small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals. As one of the most versatile packaging options, blister packs are a popular choice for a diverse range of products. There are a variety of blister types, making blister packs an excellent choice for a range of packaging needs. A high-speed face seal blister packaging machine provides the Eco-Friendly trapped blister package. This style of package consists of a recycled blister sandwiched between two paperboard cards. The trapped blister package is an alternative to a clamshell package. In most cases, trapped blister packs are more cost effective than clamshell packaging due to less plastic, faster production rates, and heat seal tooling instead of radio frequency tooling.

Custom thermoforming capabilities ensure that your blister packaging effectively showcases your products. The primary advantages of blister packing include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased graphics area
  • Prominent product display
  • Safe and easy opening features
  • Product protection and security
  • Recyclable material options

Blister packs can be customized with a range of features and design choices to meet the specific needs of your product. This style of packaging can be used for less expensive items such as pens and batteries or expensive items such as electronics.

Auto Bagging

This option is used to mechanically insert and seal products inside a flexible material bag or pouch. Auto bagging solutions are available in an unlimited variety of poly-bagging options. Do you need a zipper bag, a lip-n-tape bag, a gusseted bag, a printed bag, etc?

Shrink Wrapping

Using automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machinery you can shrink wrap your product. This type of packaging is ideal for bundling/unitizing packages or products together, keeping packages or products clean, providing tamper evidence, and deterring theft. For your retail products, you should only use films with the highest clarity to give your product a clean, crisp look.

Folding Cartons

Folded cartons are cartons made of paperboard that is printed, laminated, cut, then foldedand glued. A versatile assembly line can accommodate just about any tuck style folding carton. The high end graphics, windows, and structure of a folding carton will really help your package stand out. Finding a business that will custom design the folding carton to fit your product is important. The package can sit on the shelf or hang on a peg. A folding carton can also be used as a secondary/inner pack to contain multiple packages. This use will help protect your packages through distribution. Another option is to purchase clear folding cartons, to show off your product. This type of package is also Eco-Friendly when using soy-based inks, aqueous coatings, and recyclable material. A folding carton is one of the most common styles for a retail package.

Bottle and Tube Filling

This is the process of filling bottles and tubes with substances. Choosing between filling a plastic or glass bottle or a plastic or metal tube depends on your product. Filling capacities range in ounces depending on what is offered by the company you choose to use for this service. Internationally sourced tubes and bottles can provide additional savings for the customer.

POP Displays

A POP display (or point-of-purchase display) is marketing material or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. POP displays are usually countertop displays, pallet displays, posters, or banners used to catch the customer’s eye and stand out above all other displays. These items are generally located in the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made. It is a proven fact that POP displays improve the image of the product and boost sales of the product.

Whether it is an endcap or a sidekick, a display programs is a great way to introduce your product to today’s competitive marketplace. In addition, you can order plain displays and customer printed displays in many types of recycled materials for those customers that require a GREEN solution.

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As you can see there are many packaging options to consider for your product needs. If you need help or need furthur information please feel free to contact us at http://www.sterlingcpi.com

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