Sterling Contract Packaging Inc. has purchased a ProSys RT60 tube filling and sealing machine for their new facility in Moore, South Carolina. With installation set for February of 2017, the ProSys RT60 will allow Sterling CPI to fill and seal tubes at a rate of up to 70 per minute. The RT60 is a versatile machine that can accurately handle water thin liquids to highly viscous pastes. In addition, the automated machine can handle plastic, laminate, or aluminum squeeze tubes from 1/5 ounce to 14 fluid ounces. With a variety of tube closure options available, Sterling CPI will be able to satisfy their existing customer base and expand into other markets such as creams, lotions, and viscous pastes. According to Sterling CPI President and CEO, Michael Hastings, “The new tube filler will allow us to expand our customer base, and it will be a great complement to our secondary packaging services.

Sterling CPI has been providing packaging and supply chain management services to consumer goods companies for over 20 years. In October of 2016, Sterling CPI opened a state-of-the-art facility in Moore, SC to handle their expanding customer base.

Michael Collins

As you can see there are many packaging options to consider for your product needs. If you need help or need furthur information please feel free to contact us at http://www.sterlingcpi.com

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