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Environmental Commitments in Printing and Packaging

More and more brand owners are taking into consideration the environmental impact of their packaging.  It’s not just the “green” thing to do so their brand plays to the market. Many have made commitments to their customers, employees, and stockholders that they will make target dates to reduce their carbon footprint.  For many the changes, they need to make will require significant sacrifices in their budget, but they remain committed to practicing conservation and eco-friendly methods and operations.  

Not only do supplies and materials need to be upgraded to accommodate enviro healthy packaging and printing, but you need to make sure your printing and packaging vendor can provide environmentally friendly ink coatings, and materials.  Imagine buying a plant-based sandwich from a fast food restaurant only to discover they cooked it on the same grill used for beef and chicken?  You wouldn’t be very happy about it after making a commitment to reduce your carbon footprint. The same is true for businesses making an effort to intentionally change to greener approaches.  So it’s better than ok to ask your providers and vendors what they use in relation to your product.

Many companies are going to biodegradable packaging for certain products.  Others are eliminating glass and plastic, or they are using more recyclable materials in their manufacturing process than ever before including friendly packaging labels.

Many manufacturers are using environmental assessments which include carbon footprint and waste calculators to get an idea of how they are helping or contributing to the problem. Other firms are taking a long look at their logistics in terms of delivery, or service vehicles to make sure they are making the most of their time on the road and eliminating needless trips.

Companies around the globe are making significant changes to improve their footprint and many are sharing their “secret sauce” so everyone can do their part.  One example from the January PackagingStrategies.com featured a story of how Colgate is in the process of producing recyclable toothpaste tubes and sharing the technology with their competitors in hopes of a concerted effort to save on waste.  Previously toothpaste tubes could not be recycled.  

Manufacturers are also exploring rigid packaging solutions in their effort to reduce plastic waste and increase sustainability.  Rigid plastic packaging has an 18% rate for recycling compared to 13% for flexible plastic according to the EPA. However, many products simply can’t employ rigid packaging because of the nature of the product.  

Those companies are still exploring ways to increase sustainability and minimize environmental damage such as biodegradable packaging.  

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing and packaging sustainable and recyclable products in increasing measure.  We continue to seek ways within our industry and company to increase sustainability, conserve and treat the environment with respect.  We are continually exploring opportunities to help our customers reduce their footprint. We don’t do “one size fits all” printing and packaging.  Every customer is treated personally and our work is customized for their desired outcomes. Contact us if you want a partner in your effort

to yes, go green!  

Ben Waldrop, President 

Century Printing & Packaging

Ben Waldrop, President 

Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.

Greer, SC 29651


Ben Waldrophttps://cpandp.com
Custom label printer in Greenville County, South Carolina.

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