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You can do business with companies all around the world, but if you ignore your home base you risk alienating key constituencies.   Investing in the local community is not only wise but needful in these days of global technology.   If a local company is unwilling to address the needs and concerns of the local economy they may want to reconsider doing business in the area.

Let’s face it, many of our customers are outside of our community or our state.  However, we take great pride in our community and state as a production resource providing tangible results and value for various clients located within the Palmetto State.  Our goal is customer satisfaction and adding value to their product portfolio.  But our second goal is to add respect, knowledge of, and appreciation for our state and region in regards to the products we and other local companies produce for clients.  South Carolinians take tremendous pride in their production efforts both within and outside the state borders.  

Our company invests and serves our local community and state with great respect and regard.  Being involved in the community is a natural byproduct of being locally owned.  Decisions affecting our team and business are made here instead of a glass conference room in a private equity firm in Ohio, Texas, or Colorado.   We choose the local organizations and causes we support as a company as well as national efforts.  

One example of a statewide effort that was part of a national campaign among craft brewers was our donation through materials and production time to the  “Black is Beautiful” labels for Freehouse Brewery in Charleston, SC.   100% of the proceeds from the national beer sales went to local organizations promoting racial justice and equality for people of color.  

At the beginning of the Covid19 run on antiseptics, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer we filled emergency orders for labels on similar products while enacting strict protocols to protect our team and community at large from the spread of Covid19.

We serve local boards and agencies as volunteers, board, and committee members.  One of those is the steering committee of the Greater Upstate Manufacturing Sector Partnership.  This locally-based manufacturing partnership seeks to help each other grow while serving the greater community as a whole through a variety of initiatives and opportunities.  Private-public sectors are a powerful force in finding solutions for community problems and needs.   

In 2019 Century Printing and Packaging was named small business of the year by the Greer Chamber of Commerce.  It was a monumental success by two brothers who began their business in a refurbished industrial bathroom.  Ben and Neil Waldrop continue to seek ways to grow their business and give back to the community along the way.  In 2021, Ben will serve as the Chair of the  Greer Chamber of Commerce affirming Century’s commitment to its home town, partners, and neighbors.  Neil has served as the President of the Greer Cultural Arts Center.  

“Giving back and helping others is the heart of a locally owned business.”

This is why we participate and partner with various community agencies within our community to ensure a strong local economy and area investment.   At Century Printing and Packaging we are committed to discovering new ways of supporting our community through our printing and packaging expertise.  We don’t need to list all of our community involvement, instead, we would like that work and product to speak for itself.  Our goal is not to pat ourselves on the back, but instead to help our community thrive in its greatest areas of need.   We are proud to partner with various community organizations in an effort to improve the quality of life and standard of living in our community and challenge fellow business owners to do the same.  Most importantly, we are grateful to a committed team who help support these causes and efforts.

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Century Printing & Packaging

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Custom label printer in Greenville County, South Carolina.

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