Imagine being able to open or close your garage door from the office, or on the road?  What if you could check the status of your garage door after leaving for a trip? Did I close the door?  And what if you want to know the temperature of your garage in hot, Southern summers?

You don’t have to wonder about the status of your door with the latest smart technology for garage doors.  Now you can open/close, check the temperature, or crack your garage door from remote locations.

Smart technology puts the control of your garage door at your fingerprints from a smartphone.  LiftMaster, Chamberlain and other major brands all offer smart technology garage door systems.  

Previously technology focused on rolling-code openers.  Rolling code openers rely on a lightweight block cipher that generates a code based on a cryptographic key and a counter.  You sync your garage door remote control with an opener and the remote control starts to generate rolling codes in the same preference as the opener.  So when you push the open button the remote control increments the counter generating a new code and signals that code wirelessly. Your opener receives the code and checks it against hundreds of codes in its queue.  When the code is a match the opener increments the counter just above the matching code and your door opens.  

Rolling code doors are easy marks for the criminal element.  All they have to do is buy a replacement remote, gain access to the garage and reset the code.  If you have an external keypad on your garage they can do essentially the same thing.

One of the advantages of a garage door opener with Smart Technology is an increase in safety or stricter access.  By using two-factor authentication you can eliminate most culprits. You can also create multiple user access for family members and still have an administrator for the entire system.

Smart garage door openers provide a plethora of options for users.  Did you close the door? Did your spouse forget to close the door? Imagine being able to check the status of your door from an app, or an online assistant like Alexa, or Google Assistant.  If you have a camera option you can see on your phone who is coming and going. Smart technology even allows you to see what’s happening at your residence without having to drive home.

Chamberlain offers MyQ technology that enables you to monitor every aspect of your garage door.  The Chamberlain option offers a very quiet opener with sensors for every possible concern, battery backup, and buttons for your cars and remote keypads.  Some units have built-in Wi-Fi and communicate through the MyQ app for Android and iPhone platforms. The technology allows you to check on the status of your door and open or close it remotely from your Smart Phone.  Chamberlain and LiftMaster also offer smart hub technology to convert traditional doors/openers to WiFi capable Smart Technology. If your opener was built from 1993 forward you should be able to convert to a Smart Hub, allow WiFi access to your opener.

Smart technology enables users to check garage temperature, open/close from remote locations and check on their garage door movement from afar.

Ask your garage door installation/repair service provider for more information about Smart Garage Door Technology.  

At Access Garage Door we have a wide selection of high-quality doors, openers with Smart Technology, and parts.  We will help you select the right door for your application and we will NOT install a door that will not work with your plans or existing motor.  We take pride in offering quotes that include an out the door price and warranty. We’ve been installing and repairing garage doors in the Upstate for years.  We are family-owned and local. Call us today for all your garage door needs.

Tim Kay, Owner

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