Buying a new garage door can be intimidating, overwhelming and frustrating especially if you are doing it without professional help.  The first thing is to determine if you need a new garage door. You may just need spring(s) replacement, rollers, are an opener instead of a new door.  A professional can determine if you need a new door, or opener by simply inspecting your current door and equipment. Reputable companies aren’t out to sell and install new doors if they believe you have life left in your current door.  However, a garage door professional will also be honest if your door is on its last leg.  

If you are simply changing the door because of aesthetics, color fade, or it doesn’t fit with your new front door and window installations that is another matter.  You still want to consult an expert because they may advise that your current opener can work with a new door, or if you need a new drive belt, chain, etc.  

New garage doors might seem expensive, but when you stop and consider what they do you might be surprised at their affordability.  Garage doors:

  1. Are the biggest door on your house
  2. Figure in large to your house curb appeal (especially street facing doors)
  3. Provide security
  4. Prevent heat/cooling loss (insulate)
  5. Provide privacy

When purchasing a new door the consumer needs to  know what they are getting. You don’t want some contractor for a big box store informing you the door you selected is the wrong door/size, or that they need to add on seals, a new opener/closer, or springs, once they are on site with your new door.   Reputable door professionals can provide a detailed list with no hidden surprises, unless you have previous structural damage in the attic, etc., that cannot be seen during the pre-install/sale inspection. Garage door companies can give you an “out the door” total price.  

Garage door companies also have some of the best deals on door prices in a variety of styles and colors.  Door companies have a large array to choose from because it is all they do. Think about that! Read that sentence again.  They aren’t trying to sell you carpet, or a grill with a garage door. When you choose a professional garage door company you are getting specialists that have faced all kinds of standard, abnormal, average and strange installation scenarios.  They are accustomed to dealing with situations that a general contractor is not. Think of it this way. You go in for “routine” gallbladder surgery. Do you want a surgeon who has only done 25 surgeries when something is off during the surgery, or do you want the one who has performed this surgery 100x’s?   

Depending upon the style, size, kind of door and company you can pay anywhere between $1,000-4,000 for an installed door.  However, most reputable companies will charge $1,000-2,000. Don’t get trapped in paying too much for a door, or ending up having to deal with add-ons because the company did not provide a thorough pre-install inspection and quote, or they intentionally left these issues off in hopes that you would return to them in the future!

When researching companies and doors read Google Reviews.  Check out their Better Business Bureau track record. Review their website and see if they have testimonials and a gallery of finished work you can peruse.  Research for results!

At Access Garage Door we have been helping homeowners purchase and install just the “right door” for their residence for over 20 years.  We know garage door sales and service, it’s ALL we do! We also offer a large gallery of new doors you can review online. Contact us today about your garage door needs.

Tim Kay, Owner

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