garage doors choosing company

Be careful when choosing a garage door service company.  Finding a reputable and highly rated company can be difficult, but it’s worth the search.  There are too many stories of homeowners and businesses who made a bad choice and got burned on their garage door service.  One of the best things you can do is look at a company’s Google Reviews and BBB rating/reports.

When it comes to garage doors you want an experienced company that enjoys a healthy reputation for providing affordable, quality service.  However, the industry is littered with companies that perform subpar work and do not stand behind their installations, or repairs. Just because a company, or franchise enjoys a nationally recognized brand name doesn’t mean it’s the right company for repairs and routine service.  And calling the company that originally installed your garage door can be a bad move. Why? Many homebuilders go with the cheapest quote to install a neighborhood full of garage doors. It doesn’t mean that is the best, it may have just been the best deal the builder could make for the entire neighborhood.

garage doors choosing company

When choosing a Garage Door service company dig deep!  Go online and check out their reviews before you contact a specific company.  Look at their testimonials. Mine for examples of their service work, not just door replacement pictures.  The best companies will be honest about whether or not you need a new door, or just need some routine maintenance.  Beware of companies that tell you to replace your opener, or door before recommending some routine service.

Pay attention to the technician’s recommendations.  Are they recommending service instead of installing a new door, or opener?  Are they willing to show you online customer testimonials? Are you getting quotes on the repair from multiple companies, or relying on one company?  Is this a family owned company with their reputation on the line, or a national franchise that treats everyone the same? Are they recommending a total replacement?  If so, why? What are other companies saying?

When contacting a garage door company make sure you can reach a live person on the phone and don’t get sucked into automated voicemail hell.  Reputable companies may be busy, but a person with “boots on the ground,” will return your call, email, or online contact request. Don’t waste your time with national call centers who are located three states, or a 9 hour flight away.  Deal direct!

garage doors choosing company

Be wary of companies that come up first on Google searches.  Many disreputable companies spend enormous amounts of money to come up first in Internet searches.   Reputable companies do not rely on excessive advertising designed to get their tech to be the first and only technician in your home.  You may end up paying for advertising expenses that have nothing to do with your door repair, or installation.

If the repair technician touts their company’s 5-star rating, or “A,” rating be careful.  You want someone who is more interested in finding a solution than they are in recommending their company.  Afterall, they are on the scene and have your attention so why would they spend more time talking about their company rating than they would suggestions, or recommendations regarding your specific garage door issue?

At Access Garage Door we have been replacing and repairing residential and commercial garage doors for years.  We are a family-owned and operated company. We live in the Upstate and cannot afford to have a bad repair, or installation.  As homeowners we understand what customers want: a fully functioning and operating door/opener. Call us today and let our tenured and experienced garage door technicians analyze your garage door situation and make recommendations in writing with no double speak, or hidden language.  We care about our reputation!

Access Garage Door 

Tyler Alewine, General Manager



Tyler Alewinehttp://garagedooraid.com
The general manager of Access Garage Doors

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