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 NORTH CAROLINA – Entrematic has introduced new Amarr Lincoln LI3138 and Hillcrest HI3138 garage door models. The new doors became available in July.

“In response to dealer requests, we’re introducing two new residential Amarr 1-3/8” garage doors that are triple-layer, polystyrene insulated models with conventional hardware for easier installation,” Entrematic vice president of marketing Vickie Lents said. “The addition of a 1-3/8” thick door rounds out the Lincoln and Hillcrest value product offering and provides a fourth level of energy efficiency and noise control.”

The Amarr Lincoln LI3138 and Hillcrest HI3138 have 27-gauge steel front and back panels and an R-Value of 6.48. The doors also feature a new, improved coextruded combined bottom retainer/seal with soft vinyl on the leading edge to better seal against the section, mechanical fasteners for more secure attachment and T-Slots that allow for the installation of additional weather seal as needed for long drops or uneven floors.

The Amarr Lincoln LI3138 is available in traditional designs including Short Panel, Long Panel, Flush and Ribbed panel. Similarly, the Amarr Hillcrest HI3138 carriage house designs include Bead Board, Long Bead Board, Raised and Recessed panels.

Entrematic is offering the new Amarr doors in 12 colors: True White, Almond, Wicker Tan, Sandtone, Terratone, Dark Brown, Hunter Green, Gray, Charcoal so, there’s no need for power or a laptop. Gray, Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Glass options include Clear, Clear Insulated, Obscure, Frost, Dark Tint and DecraGlass. The doors are available with a standard offering of window inserts and optional decorative hardware.

Buying a new garage door is an investment in your home.  It’s the biggest moving door in your home. All the more reason to make sure you are using a reputable and professional garage door company to help ensure that you get the right door and have a professional and experienced installer.

Access Garage Door has been installing, repairing and servicing residential garage doors for over 20 years.  We carry a full line of Amarr doors and can help you find just the right door for your situation. We customize every door purchase and installation to the customer’s unique situation.  You can have peace of mind knowing you are getting customized installation.

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Tim Kay
Tim Kayhttp://garagedooraid.com
The owner of Access Garage Door, garage door repair company in Seneca, SC.

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