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Final Expenses Matter

Discussing the final expenses of life can be awkward and uncomfortable.  Few people want to think about their death. However, surviving family members whose loved ones address this matter while alive are grateful for the intentional planning and forethought.  When you consider that approximately 55% of American adults die without a will makes this discussion indispensable for your loved ones. I am not a lawyer, but in my professional opinion from dealing with families and loss, I cannot stress enough the need for everyone to have a will to determine their final wishes.  

Final expenses do not have to be a hardship, or financial burden for your family.  In fact when you address final expenses with a compassionate and experienced professional you and your family will have peace of mind knowing there is a plan in place to make sure there is no financial hardship on your spouse and loved ones.

Final expense insurance is designed to address the bills your loved ones will experience after your death.  Medical bills and funeral expenses are considered as you plan with a professional. Funerals are not cheap, even if you desire a no frills service, celebration and burial.  The National Funeral Directors Association estimates the average cost of a funeral and burial at $8,500. A burial plot, open and closing the grave, flowers and transportation are typically not included in this figure!  Let’s face it, dying is expensive!

Every one of us has lost someone we loved and know the accompanying grief, pain and sense of loss that comes with it.  Imagine having to move through such times with the pressure of financial burdens and costs that have not been prepared for , or covered ahead of time?  Grief is hard enough without the added pressure of worrying about unpaid bills, funeral and burial costs. Having an intentional plan provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind so you can enjoy living today.

Competent and compassionate insurance brokers can help you analyze your final expenses, bills and forecast the budget while offering personalized policy options from several lines that can help meet your needs and don’t break the bank.  Final expense insurance is also probate free!

These professionals know how to have difficult discussions for the sake of your loved ones and their protection.  Imagine facing death knowing that you have done everything in your power and ability to insure that your death won’t be a financial burden to your family.  

Joe Carter understands these kinds of matters.  As a former paramedic he has seen what death can do to surviving family members.  The emotional toll is hard enough without having to face the financial costs. He can also assist in other insurance and protection coverages you may want to explore for yourself, or your spouse.   

Contact Joe today at 864-905-5378 or email him at info@patriotsbenefitgroup.com 

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