How do choose the best fertility doctor for my needs and what are the most important considerations?

Finding the right physician under any circumstance can be a difficult and frustrating venture. For individuals specifically needing help with fertility, there are many complicated medical decisions on top of what seems like endless amounts of information. Therefore, finding the right physician is extremely important. The main question for most patients is, “how do I choose a reproductive endocrinologist?”

At PREG, we strive to give each patient a positive one on one experience to ensure you have made the right decision. When finding the right doctor, here are some things that we recommend you take into consideration.

  • First, it is good to have an understanding of what a reproductive endocrinologist is. A Reproductive Endocrinologist is an OB-GYN who specializes in diagnosing and treating infertility in women and men. They’ll direct medical testing to first help diagnose why you may be having trouble getting pregnant. They’ll work with you to determine the best way to overcome the problems you may be experiencing.
  • Having a doctor that is attentive to your needs and listens is extremely important. In your first appointment, you should have the opportunity to extensively go through your medical history and issues you have experienced. You should always have access to your doctor and/or nurse so that any concerns you have may be addressed in a timely and direct manner, especially when new questions are likely to arise.
  • Undergoing fertility treatments is a stressful and difficult process. You should feel comfortable at the clinic where you are being treated. Most importantly, you should have a good connection with your physician. However, it is important to feel supported and well taken care of by the entire fertility team, including nurses and office staff.
  • Trusting your doctor is also very important when going through fertility treatments. It is always very important to make sure you feel that your doctor is always giving you the best advice based on your individual needs. You should always feel confident that your physician is honest, trustworthy, and well respected in the community.
  • Making sure that your doctor keeps up with the latest medical advances is also very important. With the medical world constantly changing, it is important to choose a doctor that keeps up with the most advanced forms of treatment and techniques. Looking at the level of experience in your physician is a great way to see how they keep up with the latest medical advances.

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Alex Nasim

Patient Liaison



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