“full-blood wagyu beef” In the 1980’s an 85+ yr., old character actress named Clara Peller, was featured in an award winning television campaign ad for Wendy’s fast food restaurants. She and two other elderly ladies were in line at “Big Bun” restaurant where you never saw the hamburger beef only the giant bun. She would cry out in her scratchy, elderly voice, “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s was touting it’s hamburger size versus competitors McDonalds and Burger King.

Miss Clara didn’t have the chance to visit a sprawling farm in Polk County, NC and Spartanburg County, SC, or she would’ve answered her own question with Caroland Farms, the highest quality, full-blooded Wagyu beef in the Southeast.

Wagyu is not your Dad’s hamburger or beef. Full-blood Wagyu beef (Japanese originated beef cattle) is an unparalleled taste in beef. This high-marbled beef has become a prized choice among American chefs in some of the finest restaurants and dining establishments coast to coast. Full blood Wagyu doesn’t need to be covered by a sauce, gravy, or anything else. It’s served best by itself so you can experience it’s discriminating and unrivaled taste. Wagyu is all about flavor.

There are a lot of farms producing crossbred beef and calling it Wagyu, but only Caroland Farms offers the largest selection and highest quality of full-blood Wagyu beef in the Carolina’s. Caroland Farms is committed to raising high quality, pasture-raised, full blood Wagyu beef for the local restaurant market and consumer.

Caroland is obsessed with Wagyu genetics, breeding, health and feeding practices. Protecting their line and being firmly committed to only producing this rare, full-blooded Japanese beef cattle is all they do.

The farm employs a pasture raised grazing system for the entire life of the cow to promote herd health and reduce stress on the animals. Caroland Farms Wagyu are fed utilizing select grazing.

Dr. Philipe Moriel, North Carolina State University and Buck Chastain, a nationally respected nutritionist, have worked closely with the farm to develop a feed program to meet their needs for the cattle so they can reach their uncompromising product end goals.

full blood wagyu beef

Caroland has had great support in building high quality genetics utilizing an embryo and an AI program with breeding advice from Ken Kurosawatsu of Wagyu Sekai in Puslinch, Ontario. Their unrivaled commitment to bloodline genetic depth assures the highest quality of full blood Wagyu beef available in the Carolina’s.

All full-blood animals are DNA registered with the American Wagyu Association. Caroland ultrasounds their animals quarterly to make sure the animal is progressing as it should. We want our customers to understand exactly what they are getting: The highest quality Wagyu beef available in the Southeast.

Caroland Farms wants cattle farmers, restaurateurs, chefs and consumers to know that we are vigilant in protecting and preserving the genetic lines in order to produce the highest quality of table beef in the world!
If it says Caroland Farms Wagyu on the label you can be assured it is 100% full-blood Wagyu!

For more information contact:

Matt Rainey

Caroland Farms Manager



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