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Full blood Wagyu beef (Japanese originated beef cattle) is an unparalleled taste in beef. This high-marbled beef has become a prized choice among American chefs in some of the finest restaurants and dining establishments from coast to coast. Wagyu is not only delicious, but it’s also healthy. The scrumptious beef has a higher mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio than any other beef. Its stearic acid levels are unparalleled and have a minimal effect on cholesterol levels.

The fatty acid levels in Wagyu are higher than other prized beef in the U.S. Wagyu has a higher amount of the fatty acid, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) per gram, which is about 30% higher than other beef breeds due to higher linoleic acid levels. Foods that are high in CLA have fewer negative health effects on the consumer.

     According to the American Wagyu Association: This industry caters for the breeder / feeder targeting the high end restaurant trade with highly marbled beef to the bull producer supplying the cow/calf rearer a crossbred alternative that will offer calving ease ability and premium carcass quality in a single cross which no other beef breed can come close too.

The health benefits and taste of Wagyu are unrivaled. Traditional beef have a fat cap over their lean muscles. Wagyu have layers of fat intertwined throughout the muscle giving it the rich marbleized look and phenomenal taste. Fine dining establishments from coast to coast have discovered the uncompromising taste of Wagyu beef.

Caroland Farms offers the largest selection and highest quality of full blood Wagyu beef in the Carolina’s. Caroland Farms is committed to raising high quality, pasture-raised, full blood Wagyu beef for the local restaurant market and consumer.

“We can demonstrate that the genetics have consistently produced the beef quality to meet our standards. All full blooded animals (even steers) are registered with the American Wagyu Association. It’s been really fun to have hard data and research, set new goals and produce the kind of premier quality, full-blooded Wagyu that we are producing.” -Matt Rainey, Farm Manager

Caroland Farms is firmly committed to reproducing full blood Wagyu, not cross-bred. We want cattle farmers, restaurateurs, chefs and consumers to know that we are vigilant in protecting and preserving the genetic lines in order to produce the highest quality of table beef in the world!

For more information contact:

Matt Rainey

Caroland Farms Manager



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