There is not a business, organization, or community in the United States that has gone untouched by the Covid-19 global pandemic.   In an effort to respond to our customers and provide for our team members and their families we have instituted necessary protocols in accordance with Federal, State and local guidelines as of this date.  

During the #Covid19 pandemic our company is no longer receiving visitors outside of our organization in an effort to protect our employees.  We are also advising our people to self-report if they are feeling ill before coming to work and cleaning common surfaces on an accelerated regular schedule.  We are maintaining safe practices and encourage other companies to do the same.  We are keeping our distances as jobs allow.

We have made the decision to support our clients, many supplying foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals to grocery stores and other major retailers.  We are continuing to have an active dialogue with many of our suppliers to ensure the correct materials are available. We plan to continue to provide our customers and the greater community expedited quality service and quick delivery for much-needed products and labels.  

We are also seeking opportunities to help our competitors fulfill orders they may not be able to fulfill due to the virus, or limited supplies.  If your customer is unable to obtain the proper printed film for much-needed labels such as hand sanitizer, alcohol, and other necessary items please pass along our contact information.  We ARE NOT interested in stealing business, but simply want to make ourselves available to help provide these vital labels, packaging, etc., to those who need it most and fast.  We hope other vendors would do the same for us if we were unable to provide fulfillment.   

If you are in an industry with vital provisions for Covid-19 related products and cannot get your products printed and packaged within a timely manner for whatever reason please contact us.  We are fully digital, flexo, film, label, digital press for lesser runs, and food-grade, health-related compliant and experienced. We have also had our ISO certification recently renewed for 3 more years.  

Let’s all be safe out there and practice wise personal hygiene such as social distancing, hand washing, disinfectant usage, and common sense.  We care about our team, their families, our clients and theirs as well. America has faced every serious challenge with courage, dignity, wisdom, hard work and ingenuity.  We have no doubt the best of the American spirit is going to come together and minimize the Covid19 risk as much as we can!

Ben Waldrop


Century Printing & Packaging

Greer, SC 29651


Ben Waldrophttps://cpandp.com
Custom label printer in Greenville County, South Carolina.

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