If you bought a 100% English worsted wool jacket in London, you would expect it to be all wool.   Imagine paying the premium price for the jacket and returning across the pond only to discover that it was a wool blend.  Imagine being charged for a “top of the line,” wool product only to discover it’s only 60-70%!  

Now, think about the rancher providing the sheep for premium wool and you learn the textile company is blending your wool but keeping the 100% label with your logo on it.  It might be a great fabric and jacket, but at the very least it’s dishonest and misrepresents the public perception of 100% wool clothing. 

The American Wagyu Assoc. estimates that of the 30,000 Wagyu-influenced cattle in the U.S. less than 5,000 are full-blood Wagyu.  Caroland Farms is proud to provide only full-blood Wagyu!

There are a lot of farms in the U.S. producing crossbred beef and calling it Wagyu, but only Caroland Farms offers the largest selection and highest quality of full-blood Wagyu beef in the Carolina’s.  

Caroland Farms is committed to raising high quality, pasture-raised, full blood Wagyu beef for the local restaurant market and consumer.   


Caroland is obsessed with Wagyu genetics, breeding, health and feeding practices.  Protecting their line and being firmly committed to only producing this rare, full-blooded Japanese beef cattle is all they do.   

Don’t settle for anything less than full blood Wagyu!

All full-blood animals are DNA registered with the American Wagyu Association. Caroland ultrasounds their animals quarterly to make sure the animal is progressing as it should.  Caroland Farms wants their customers to understand exactly what they are getting: The highest quality Wagyu beef available in the Southeast.  


For more information contact:

Matt Rainey

Caroland Farms Manager



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