In the 1990’s the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association launched a popular, national ad campaign that featured beef being cooked, grilled, seared and baked, with all kinds of delightful recipes and accompanying sides.  At the end of the spot actor Robert Mitchum’s unmistakable baritone voice proclaimed the tagline: “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner!” The line not only stuck but became synonymous with the Board-Association to the point of using it as their website: BeefIt’sWhat’sforDinner.com

There were only a handful of full-blood Wagyu producers in the U.S. when that campaign began, but times have changed and now you have the opportunity to choose the tastiest and highest quality full-blood Wagyu in the Carolina’s.  

Full-blood Wagyu is known for its marbleized appearance and incredible taste.  It not only boasts distinctive flavor, but it’s loaded in good fat and it’s available direct from the farm to your table from Caroland Farms.  Why not consider starting a new holiday meal tradition and cooking up some full-blood Wagyu for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or your New Year celebration?  You can order steaks, a side of beef, or combine orders by going to http://carolandfarms.com/our-products/ and then contacting us to purchase.

We are members of the American Wagyu Association committed to protecting our breeding lines, DNA and the care of our cattle.  Caroland Farms co-owner, Bob Jordan explains further: “We offer prime plus pasture-raised beef, free from hormones and routine antibiotics supplemented with forage and feed we make from crops grown on the farm.  We want our customers to understand exactly what they are getting. Using terms like American Kobe and labeling Wagyu mixed-blood beef as Wagyu can damage the reputation of high quality full-blood Wagyu beef like ours.”

Why not try some Wagyu for You and those you love this holiday season!  Your family and guests will be blown away by the taste and quality of beef.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Caroland Farm Family to Yours!

Jay Alexander, Bob Jordan 

Caroland Farms

For more information contact:

Matt Rainey

Caroland Farms Manager



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