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As grocery stores strain to keep up with the supply of food and the demand from Covid-19 many people are wondering about the virus and food sources especially beef, dairy, and poultry.

According to the USDA, there is no evidence linking Covid-19 to beef.  While researchers believe there was an original animal to human transmission in Asia, despite countless rumors, and myths it has not been fully determined at this time.   Science and health experts are spending more time dealing with the virus containment, treatment and trying to develop a vaccine. It’s likely the root cause or ground zero will be determined later.  Since the initial outbreak, it has been transmitted globally humans to humans.   

What Do We Know?  

We know that Covid-19 is air-borne and passed human to human through sneezing, or coughing droplets from someone carrying the virus.  We know that it can survive on hard surfaces, but cannot survive a microwave. Disinfectant with alcohol is the best way to treat surfaces and kill the virus.  We know that Covid-19 and Bovine coronavirus are not the same strain.  

What is Bovine Coronavirus?

Bovine coronavirus is a virus that is only found in cattle, horses, deer, etc.  Farmers have been vaccinating cattle against the bovine coronavirus and managing it for years.  In cattle, it can cause distress in the G.I. tract and manifest as a respiratory infection. Like Covid-19 it is a viral infection, but not the same strain.  Responsible and reputable farms and ranchers work closely with the veterinarian community, the USDA, Land Grant universities and cooperative extensions in their respective communities to prevent outbreaks.   There is no evidence to suggest the bovine coronavirus vaccination will work on Covid19 because again, they are two different strains.  

Is There Any Danger of Passing this to Humans?

When the bovine coronavirus vaccine is given to cattle there is a significant meat withdrawal period to ensure the beef headed to groceries and suppliers is safe and there is no medication detected in the beef.  Strict procedures are in place for culling a potentially sick cow, calf, steer, or bull as ranchers and veterinarians work very hard at guarding the herd and protecting their product for the public.   

Why Is Full-blood Wagyyu So Safe?

Prior to any virus (human, or animal) outbreak full-blood Wagyu ranches/farms are already jealously guarding their herds and product.  Because of their due diligence in managing genetics, protecting bloodlines and cautious breeding practices their beef is some of the safest and healthiest in the world.  Full-blood Wagyu farmers can’t afford even the slightest breeding slip up which means they are already vigilant in protecting their product by feeding them the best of grains and pasture-raised grazing systems over the life of the cow to promote heard health and reduce stress on the cattle.  Growth hormones are not used on these prized cattle and antibiotics are responsibly used under the guidance of veterinarians and agricultural biologists. See, Wagyu is already a step ahead of most beef! It’s high-tech and there is a lot of science and biology that goes into producing full-blood Wagyu.  Breeding is tightly controlled and monitored.  

At Caroland Farms we are proud of our full-blood Wagyu and go to great lengths to raise healthy and delicious beef like no other in the southeast.  We obsess over the details so you can be assured of not only great tasting but healthy beef. We are accountable to federal, state and local agencies as well as to the American Wagyu Association.  We remain responsible, vigilant and intentional for your family and our’s providing a superior full-blood product.

Please stay healthy and practice all of the protocols to ensure the spread of this disease shifts into containment.  We salute every healthcare professional and 1st Responder on the front lines of this battle and remember them in our thoughts and prayers.

The Caroland Farms Team (Bob, Jay, and Matt)

For more information contact:

Matt Rainey

Caroland Farms Manager



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