The Environmental services industry is a diverse and varied market that is growing.  According to International Trade Forum magazine: 

Environmental services, as distinct from the equipment or resources market, account for about 50% of the total market: solid waste management accounts for 22.6%, water treatment services for 14.3%, consulting and engineering for 5.9%, and remediation and industrial services, 3.3%. Given the increasing demands on industry to improve its environmental management, this whole sector is expected to grow by 7% to 10% a year.

Looking at the sector more closely, the United States generates about 80% of worldwide hazardous waste, and is therefore the largest market for hazardous waste equipment and systems. Those most in demand include treatment chemicals, and incineration and processing equipment.

The recycling market has been growing at 7% to 13% a year over the last decade and this rate is expected to continue. Technologies showing increasing demand include ultra-filtration for reducing oil- and paint-solvent usage, vibratory cleaning in microelectronics for reducing sludge production, and processes such as neutralization, detoxification and evaporation. Market drivers include the enforcement of environmental legislation and the obligation to meet higher recycling targets set by European countries, the United States and Japan.

Companies are becoming more and more mindful of their need to respond to environmental concerns and overall waste.  As the top producer of hazardous waste companies in the United States are taking notice in their efforts to be government compliant and good citizens.

When seeking an Environmental Service company research their record and ask:

  • Are they in good standing with the EPA, state and local regulatory agencies?  
  • Are they above board in all of their dealings, or is their a sketchy feel to them and your discussions?  
  • Are they willing to provide you with references and examples of their compliance and similar experience in the services you require?  
  • Will they produce their federal, state and local certifications for hazardous materials, etc., and their people?  
  • Are they more interested in selling you a package, or meeting and discussing the development of a total waste plan? 
  • Do they provide training for your people on site?
  • Can they produce documentation of everything their services on your behalf?
  • Are they asking you  to submit an amount of municipal solid waste (in tons) to calculate how a move to their services can significantly reduce your organization’s environmental footprint.
  • Are their drivers certified drug-free, DOT-trained and certified in OSHA hazardous material handling?

These are important questions and considerations if  you are thinking about hiring an Environmental Service company, or engaging a new vendor.  Not all waste streams are equal and every company deserves an intentional plan developed specifically for their unique needs.

At Pinnacle Environmental Services we aren’t going to offer you a “package”.  We want to meet with you, do a walk through of your facilities and develop a personalized plan that meets your budget and needs.  We recognize every waste stream is a cost to your company. Our comprehensive audit not only helps reduce waste-and its cost to your operations- it also identifies the optimal disposal and recycling options for all that remains.

Mike Watts, President                                                                                                                                 Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc. http://www.pinnacleenv.com​                                                      864.236.5450  

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