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For a few years now some words have become buzzwords for those concerned about the environment, food, nutrition, and those looking to cash in on related issues:

  • Organic
  • Free Range 
  • All natural 
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Recycle

All of these words elicit certain feelings and opinions from consumers, politicians, companies and manufacturers.  The feelings run the gamut from: comfort to manipulation; saving to waste; hoax to real; sincere to fake; and application v.s. cheap talk.  

Among the most exciting developments within the waste/recycling industry is the waste to energy discipline.  Generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste is a win-win for everyone in the waste/recycle/climate discussion.   Energy recovery is not only prudent but it can yield a significant cost savings for manufacturers. Put your climate change opinions aside and everyone can agree on saving money wherever possible.  

Typically, Waste-to-Energy (EfW) facilities burn/incinerate their solid wastes which produces thermal energy that generates steam to drive turbine electrical generators.  The practice lengthens the life of landfills and produces more clean energy. Here are some of the benefits of the EfW process:

  • Reduction of waste going to landfill sites.
  • Reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Reduction of the use of fossil fuels.
  • Electricity and heat can be generated from waste which provide an alternative and more environment-friendly source of energy.

Making Waste into Fuels is a proven and exciting win-win when it comes to the environment.  Waste is processed at cement kilns for fuels. Pinnacle Environmental Services works closely with approved facilities providing waste and refuse that would otherwise have gone to  landfill. The waste stream generates significant amounts of clean, renewable energy and a reduction in CO2 gasses. Harnessing waste as a form of energy has become the benchmark for success in many solid waste management systems.  


When your company is ready to explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint you need to schedule a thorough Waste Analysis Study by a certified environmental service company.  Their experts will be thorough and look for ways to help your company find recycling opportunities for all of the waste streams generated by your company’s manufacturing processes.  

Waste Analysis Studies help clients identify ways to minimize waste in their production and manufacturing processes.  Additionally, they will help find recycling or alternative uses to eliminate or lower the amount of waste going to landfills.  

When a plan is in place your company, or organization can market the fact that you are trying to reduce the carbon imprint through recycling and waste to fuel programs.  Your company is seen as a responsible corporate citizen exercising community stewardship and improving the quality of life for the community.  

At Pinnacle Environmental Services we are committed to helping our customers redirect their waste stream in ways that generate clean, renewable energy and reduce green house gases  Zero Landfill is our philosophy, the ultimate strategy in our minds with every Waste Analysis Study we perform. 

Our goal is to eliminate waste, not just manage it. We recognize there isn’t a single model that will fit the needs of our diverse customer base. Therefore, we design custom plans that fit the exact needs of every client. So contact us—give us the opportunity to develop a plan for you. You’ll enjoy the comfortable satisfaction in knowing Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.  Contact us today.


Mike Watts, President

Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.



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