Why Green Wins!

Regardless of the POTUS election outcome, Green has to win.  Not the #GreenParty but the U.S.  Every four years we elect a President of the United States.  His, or her views on the environment have serious implications for rulings, statements, policies, and standing on the environment.  While each party has its own view of the environment America needs a consistent message about it and how we are going to protect it moving forward.  Administrations often enter office with one view of the environment but upon arrival and briefings realize there are other options to consider regarding biodegradable and fossil fuels, energy consumption, recycling, zero landfill goals, and the use, or recyclable use of other waste.  

These are very complicated matters.  Rulings on utility emissions, Automotive CAFE standards, hazardous waste management, recycling, and International unilateral accords have a serious impact on the environment.  

At Pinnacle Environmental Services Inc., we are less concerned about partisan politics than we are the environment.  Our goal is zero landfill waste and what politicians in Washington do about it has a lot to do with our business.  We aren’t advocating one party over another.  We are simply pointing out the obvious via science and technology and that is that our environment is bleeding from greenhouse gases, pollution like methane, and carbon dioxide.  

Regardless of the election outcome, it’s time for all Americans to join the world in an effort to save our planet and reduce greenhouse gasses.   Ozone depletion is real and it affects all of us whether we believe the science or not.  Election Year is a great time for your company and family to reconsider your overall waste management plan.  What are you recycling, composting, repurposing, and saving?  Future generations depend upon our stewardship of the environment regardless of our party affiliation.    What we do today affects our grandchildren and great-grandchildren in terms of environmental costs and sacrifice.  

Our efforts at reducing waste today have a direct and scientifically proven impact on future generations.  Making sure we are cutting costs through environmental savings is one way we can impact the future.   Repurposing trash, recycling cardboard and plastic, reutilizing spent diesel fuel and other biodegradables is an easy first step to pave the way for future generations.  

At Pinnacle Environmental Services we are committed to helping our customers redirect their waste stream in ways that generate clean, renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases  Zero Landfill is our philosophy, the ultimate strategy in our minds with every Waste Analysis Study we perform. 

Our goal is to eliminate waste, not just manage it. We recognize there isn’t a single model that will fit the needs of our diverse customer base. Therefore, we design custom plans that fit the exact needs of every client. So contact us—give us the opportunity to develop a plan for you. You’ll enjoy the comfortable satisfaction of knowing Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.  Contact us today.

Mike Watts, President

Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.


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