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A lot of homeowners are taking advantage of being at home during the Covid-19 global pandemic to perform home improvements and repairs.  People are painting, sprucing up their homes for spring and taking advantage of working from home and being able to schedule repairs or upgrades.

One of the best ways to make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal at a relatively low cost is the installation of a new decorative garage door.  

Your garage door occupies more real estate on the front of your home than any other working door or feature.  Maybe it’s time to consider giving your home a totally different look and feel with a brand new garage door. You don’t have to worry about entry into your home from garage door technicians if you are worried about social distancing.   If you are concerned about it just ask the company when you call if the technician scheduled to come to your home is well, not coughing, sneezing, or sick. Reputable companies won’t send an ill employee to your home because they don’t want to be around it either.  They also care about their customers and employees.

If your home is 10+ years old there are so many more door options to choose from than when it was built.  The right door matched to your brick, siding, color, and windows can create a new look and feel making your home appealing and giving you something you’re proud to come home to instead of an old drab door that disappeared into the brick, or siding.  Vibrant new styles, colors, and layout can make your home a showcase and increase its value.  

Purchasing a new door is easy.  The technician comes to your home and takes the proper measurements and sees what you need in terms of a door from a mechanical standpoint.  If you are concerned about meeting to discuss the purchase of a door you can speak with the company on the phone or via an online chat, or video call and they can walk you through the entire process in less than an hour.  The company will give you access to their door selection and provide examples of homes that have done the exact same thing and given their home a much-needed face-lift.  

At Access Garage Door we care about our customers and team during these times.  We understand health concerns and are taking every precaution to protect both. If you need a service or installation we will ask if anyone in the home is sick before we come so we can take precautions, or give you specific instructions so there will be no contact.  We also don’t mind if you ask if our technician is well before they come. We will not send out an ill team member because we care about them and their family.  

We have a wide selection of high-quality decorative doors, openers with Smart Technology, and parts.  We will help you select the right door for your application and we will NOT install a door that will not work with your plans or existing motor.  We take pride in offering quotes that include an out the door price and warranty. We’ve been installing and repairing garage doors in the Upstate for years.  We are family-owned and local. Call us today for all your garage door needs.

Tim Kay, Owner Access Garage Door                                                                                                                       864.479.8714                                                                    

Tim Kayhttp://garagedooraid.com
The owner of Access Garage Door, garage door repair company in Seneca, SC.

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