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Dr. Fru on Reccuring Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Karenne Fru, MD, PhD  Reproductive Endocrinologist  Dr. Fru, for those...

Dr. Cookingham Discusses Unexplained Infertility

Lisa Marii Cookingham, M.D. Reproductive Endocrinologist  Columbia...

A Conversation with PREG CEO Faith Ripley

Faith, tell us about your background and how you came to PREG? I have...

Dr. Cookingham on Getting a Second Opinion

Dr. Cookingham Discusses Getting A Second Opinion Lisa Marii Cookingham, M.D. Reproductive Endocrinologist 

The Doctor Is In!

Get to know our newest physician, Dr. Lisa Cookingham PREG/Columbia Lisa Marii Cookingham, M.D.

Tori Bishop on PREG Team Approach

Tori Bishop MS, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner and Director of Nursing, discusses PREG’s team approach to fertility care.

Fertility Preservation & Professional Women

Welcome to a new feature from PREG where our doctors weigh in on a variety of fertility-related issues designed just for you!

Self-Care Dr. Fru

Welcome to our blog with PREG physicians discussing a wide range of topics related to fertility treatment and care.