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Weight Bearing Marketing During Covid-19

Bearing the weight of a global pandemic is incredibly hard.  Many businesses have already been punched, staggered, and faced the enemy eye to eye only to lose their footing and go under for the count.  Small business has been hit extraordinarily hard by the pandemic.  Larger corporations are struggling but continue through bankruptcy and reorganization filings while many small businesses with little cash reserves and government support cash out.  Meanwhile, stories of incredibly large corporations taking government PPP funding at the peril of small business is incredibly disappointing.  And yes, some of those have even returned the funds to the government!

Some of the casualties are longtime local restaurants, shops, businesses, bars, and niche businesses that are dependent upon foot traffic.  Nearly all of them are local/family-owned businesses with a rich history of serving their community providing goods and services.

Weight-bearing is incredibly important for footing and balance.  After a knee or hip replacement patients are encouraged to be up and walking within hours of surgery.  Physical therapists work hard with patients to get them mobile as soon as possible.  It begins with the first step and after weeks and weeks, it becomes second nature.  But what if you can’t get your footing due to circumstances beyond your control?

What if you are bearing weight and the odds are against you?  What if you take one step and then another only to discover you still can’t put weight on the economic scale and move ahead.   Having a rock-solid economic footing is the key to surviving #Covid-19 and the majority of small businesses are staggering at the prospects.  Every time they put their foot down something quivers shakes or moves beneath them.   What if the PPP, state, or local funds you received is running out and salaries, benefits, and critical inventory is suffering?  

It’s a daunting challenge for small business owners and employees.  These businesses often view and treat their employees like family.  And now they are faced with decisions that will not only affect their family but long-tenured employees and their families.  

One of the strong plays advocated by brand guru Donald Miller is that when everyone else is lowering their price you raise yours.  You don’t deflate the value of your product just because everyone else is doing it.  Don’t let the competition dictate the value of your brand. Cutting marketing line items is one of the first decisions most companies make in times of economic downturns.  They are looking to stop cash out the door and marketing is usually one of the first budget sacrifices.  However, stop and think about it and take a long view.

If your website, social media, Google My Business, Google Reviews, Google Ads, and PPC are creating brand awareness and bringing in traffic, orders, customers, why would you cut it?  It’s simple.  Many owners don’t realize the value and ROI of their digital marketing efforts.  Metrics can provide a good picture of traffic, bounce rates, SEO, and other measurables and you should be asking your digital marketing partner about them.  If you are not interested in it because you’ve got so much else to do then designate someone in your company to fulfill that role.  

Think about the last time you posted a photo or post to your Google My Business account?  Was it 6 months ago, a month, or all the way back to when it was created?  This is a huge and free digital marketing resource that you or your digital marketing provider should be using and posting regularly.  More photos, more posts, more updated information, special offers, only enhance your listing and wake up the Google algorithm to increase your ranking and relevancy.


The same goes for your social media.  Post regularly, but don’t over-post and whatever you post needs to provide value.  Post about special offers, discounts, new products, services, staff additions, etc.  Keep your brand awareness out there at a time when it has never been more important.  Weight-bearing digital marketing doesn’t ignore or advocate losing people for the sake of your P&L statement.  Weight-bearing digital marketing seeks ways to maximize your presence, relevance, and output with a sharpshooter like investment accuracy.   Wise digital marketing consultants partner with their clients and customers to help them increase their bottom line, but in a way that is tailored to their budget, business, and their digital story.  

Get back on your feet with experts who want to help you succeed instead of those that just want you to spend as much as you can.  One is a short-term relationship and the other is a tenured partnership.

At WebSpeak Media we have been helping clients with their digital media marketing needs for 20+ years.  We understand our business and want to bring that knowledge and experience to your business so we can promote your knowledge, expertise, products, and services in ways that look to the future.   

Charlie Carter, Partner

WebSpeak Media

Greer, SC 29651



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