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The Potter’s Hand in Digital Marketing


The potter’s hand refines the clay and shapes it into something unimaginable before it was set. It is a personalized creation that represents the object of affection. The potter begins with a blob of cold, wet clay and creates something inextricably tied to the source. This is what digital marketers do for their clients. We create from the abstract, input, and solicitation of ideas and concepts with subject matter experts.

Creation from raw descriptions is challenging. However, those of us with creative minds are up to the challenge. We see what others do not in terms of content, images, layout, design, and brand imaging. Yet, we rely on the expertise of our subjects, clients, and customers to capture their essence, purpose, and vision.

Pottery is one of the oldest art forms. It takes time. The best potters are willing to tear down and destroy constructs that don’t capture the essence of a particular piece. Instead, they grind, rework, shape, and continue to mold the clay until it captures the exact story they want to tell.

When you or your company decides to tell your story in digital form you need to realize that it takes time to manipulate the clay, reform, adjust and start over again to truly capture the message and brand. Cookie-cutter websites and generic social media messages are widely available, but do they capture the nature, heart, and mission of your brand accurately?

Digital media marketing firms that invest in their clients’ story, brand, and mission approach the potter’s wheel differently. They take the time to listen and really gain an understanding of your brand, products, services, and the heart of your business. Genuine digital marketing artists don’t develop designs based on the palette of previous clients. Instead, they invest the time to get to know your business, brand, products, services, and image. They dig deep!

Anyone can develop a website in today’s digital world. However, only a few can capture the DNA of your business, company, or service with a personal touch. In order to craft the perfect piece of clay, your digital marketing firm should invest time in the discovery of your story, strengths, challenges, competition, and delivery of products or services. This approach is what differentiates a national firm from a local one that can invest the time and energy into determining the best course of action for your company or business.

Every business category has national marketing firms that “specialize” in web design for their products or services. However, they all look the same. The finished product is simply a redesign of a firm or business six state’s away from your local competition. The development of your website is fast and turn-key because they are using a template they used in another market far away. It’s not personal or tailored specifically for your business.

A master potter never creates two identical pieces. Each piece is hand-crafted on the wheel and fired to perfection in an effort to create a unique piece of finished art. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your website and digital marketing strategy?

Local, digital marketing design firms invest in their clients. They take pride in telling the digital story of businesses in their area. These small, local and family-owned businesses understand the heart and soul of small businesses. Their goal is a long-term relationship to help position, brand, and market a business for the long haul. Everything from content, design, pay per click, SEO with measurable metrics is considered in order to promote the client. Everything begins with a relationship that strives to capture the heartbeat of the business or service provider in compelling ways that provide value.

The story begins with a discovery process aimed at identifying the mission and purpose of your business. What sets you apart from the competition? Who are your main competitors? What are the compelling features of your business or service to prospective clients? All of these questions and many more are part of the discovery phase to capture a picture of your clay and the final product you envision. This process is a journey, not a sprint. The goal is meaningful and tangible measured results in terms of ROI increased search relevance and ranking as well as direct contacts.

A reputable digital marketing firm is not inconvenienced by seemingly elementary questions or inquiries. Their goal is to educate clients and help them grow in the world of digital marketing. If your digital marketing firm is irritated, or inattentive to your inquiries and searches for knowledge take note! There are no great mysteries or secrets that cannot be shared with a client. Reputable firms thrive on helping their clients understand the digital marketing landscape.

Potters who are commissioned for specific works want to make sure they understand the client’s/customers goals and work hard to capture their story in art. So it is with local, digital marketing professionals trying to help their clients tell their stories in unique and engaging ways that provide value.

Value is measurable but also subjective. Are you experiencing increased live chats, inquiries, search results, and acceptable bounce rates? Is your SEO producing the results you desired within a reasonable time frame? How is your website and social media traffic? Is your digital media provider delivering the results within the timeframe promised? All of these are logical questions and evaluations to consider as you review your digital marketing firm.

The critical ingredient in a successful digital marketing firm and client is in the relationship you have forged. Does the firm have a solid understanding of your business, goals, and mission? Are they seeking creative ways to help you expand your exposure and narrative to prospective clients or customers? Are they responsive to your questions and inquiries?

Relationship-based digital marketing firms provide personal service and attempt to get “inside your head,” as a subject matter expert and thought leader. They provide digital expertise but constantly seek ways to draw upon your subject matter expertise.

At WebSpeak Media we’ve been helping clients get results with intentional digital marketing for over 20 years! Our team is small, nimble, informed, and experts in their field. We understand small to medium businesses and manufacturers. Our first goal is to listen to our clients, develop a relationship with them and proceed from there. If a digital marketing company isn’t taking the time to listen to your story, hear your passion and heartbeat for business then you are wasting a lot of time and money.

Contact, or call us today to help you find the solutions to your digital marketing questions and problems. We do not take on every potential client and will be honest about your situation as to whether we can help or not. Our company is family-owned, local, and deliberate about our customers, or clients.

Charles Carter, Partner
WebSpeak Media 
Greer, SC 29651

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