How many times have you walked by various products at the point of purchase only to go for one that catches your eye because of its packaging or printing?   Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever with the competitive markets in which we live today. That said there is no substitute for a product that actually works, performs, tastes, or delivers.  So assuming you have a great product consider your printing and packaging look and feel. If you have a tried and true high performer don’t change it up, but change may be a really good thing if your product isn’t getting the traction it used to, or if it is underperforming compared to the competition.  

How are you using color?  Is your red logo screaming, or shouting at consumers? Consider the same logo but using different colors on different packaging or labels.  Mix it up. How does the rest of the label compliment, or take away from your product? If you are producing spicey snacks then red is a great color to convey the fire of your product.  However, if you are selling sleep aids red packaging is probably not going to win the day. However, light blue with a hint of gray is a strong performer.


Are your fonts hard to read for your particular product?  Too many manufacturers think multiple fonts on a 4” label is creative.  Competing fonts in terms of style and color can be confusing and detracting.  Resist the temptation to go crazy with fonts. San Serif fonts like Arial/Helvetica are easier to read because the letters don’t have feet on them at the bottom.  Making sure you have the right font for the right product and label is incredibly important.

You may have a friend, or neighbor who thinks they are pretty good with graphics, layout, and design, but are not professionally trained.  Your printing and packaging look and feel is your brand identity and it’s not something you want in the hands of even the most capable layperson.  Invest in professional graphics and design. You won’t feel obligated and you can ask for changes without feeling guilty. Design is not a place to skimp and work the “family deal”.  Labels and packaging have to be functional but they are also graphic art. 


Your printing and packaging are telling your brand story so invest in them.  You won’t regret it. Make sure you have a printer that is versed and experienced in your specific label.  If it’s a beer label and needs to perform in various climates (cold, ice, water) then ask how many they have done in the past.  If it’s a product like CBD oil that has nutraceutical and performance aspects make sure they are capable of doing it. If it is food-grade, label or packaging you are going to want a vendor that has experience.

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing labels that stick, but have great eye appeal and consistently tell your brand story.   We are experienced in beer, craft beer, CBD, nutraceuticals, food-grade film, packaging and much more. All we do are labels and packaging so trust us to work with you as a partner instead of a job number.   

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Ben Waldrop, President 

Century Printing & Packaging

Ben Waldrop, President 

Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.

Greer, SC 29651


Ben Waldrophttps://cpandp.com
Custom label printer in Greenville County, South Carolina.

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