Offsite warehouse storage and distribution can save companies the high cost and inconvenience of storage space, inventory control, distribution and shipping. Using a professional off-site distribution warehouse is more than renting space to hold products awaiting distribution and shipping.

The warehouse distributor manages things like capacity, supply chain integrity quality
and inventory control. For example, a standard warehouse stores goods until you are
ready to ship them. A warehouse distributor uses intentional warehouse management
systems, inspects your goods insuring quality and damage assessments upon receipt
and before they are shipped. This saves your company valuable time, money and
resources so you can focus on producing great products and goods.

Preparation of shipping your goods is critical to the success of timely point of purchase distribution. A professional warehouse treats each client differently and provides an intentional storage plan that is tailored to the client’s unique storage and shipping needs. They have established relationships with a diverse group of carriers and lean on those relationships to insure the goods, or products are ready and shipped on time.

Like a bank holding your money the professional, local warehouse and distribution center prizes integrity with its customers. Having local access to a storage facility means your goods aren’t sitting in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere with little access. Having a local distribution warehouse means your goods are off-site, saving you the investment of storage and personnel to manage the goods, but close to your plant, manufacturing facility, or company. This cuts valuable time for the customer.

Some practical questions to ask a prospective local warehouse and storage facility before you engage in a lengthy contract filled with fine print to avoid liability:

  • How long have you been in the storage business?
  • Can you provide some names of people, or companies who have, or are
    currently using your services?
  • Contract-less, or contract?
  • What exactly can you provide for my specific goods and unique storage needs?
  • Do you provide bulk storage?
  • What about quality control and damage liability oversight?
  • Do you have access to multiple Interstates and relative short shipping to
    inland/sea ports and rail?
  • Do you have a local shipping option for smaller shipments?
  • Can I tour your facility?
  • Explain how you handle pick & pull items, cross docking and inventory

Professional storage and warehouse companies can answer all of these questions and more. Choosing the right storage and distribution warehouse is critical to the success of your business. A bad choice can cost a lot of money, time and energy you could spend on building and producing great products for your client’s.

Lee Thompson, Business Manager
Gateway Warehouse & Distribution

Lee Thompsonhttp://gatewaywarehouse,com
At Gateway Warehouse and Distribution we offer a variety of services including but not limited to storage and local delivery options to meet the needs of every client.


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