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Which sock, or pantyhose leg do you put on first, left or right?  Under which arm do you apply antiperspirant/deodorant first? Which sleeve of a sweater, or shirt do you put on first, right, or left?  Which leg do you put on your pants first, left, or your right? Which shoes do you put on first, your left, or your right? Are you an over/under person when it comes to the toilet paper roll?

Some of us can answer these questions without having to think about it.  Other’s can answer some of these, but not all. And another group never pays attention to either one.  Do you go to work and come home from work the same way every day? If so, why? We are creatures of habit.  In the smallest most minute matters we often repeat them day after day. However, there is a small percentage of us who alter how we dress, or the route we take to work several times a week.  What has this got to do with work?

Most of us tend to approach our days in rote fashion.  We have the same thing for breakfast, the same amount of coffee, repeat the order of our dress and the route to work.  When we get to work we tend to do the same thing we do every day. Some check their email first, others get a cup of coffee, and some return to the same place they left off a project the day before.  Few of us mix up our day. We are in a word, predictable.  

There’s nothing wrong with routine.  However, when we do it without memory, or intention we can fail to notice everything else around us.  How many of us have had a detour route to work only to notice new construction, or a new sign on a road we rarely travel?  

The same thing can be said of how we approach our digital media.  Many of us just go day to day without considering changing a blog post, adding content through thought leadership papers, updating our FB posts, etc. And so we become irrelevant to Google and potential clients. 

Smart companies regularly update their social media and online media posts.  They realize the importance of new and additional content in terms of Google search relevance and the Google algorithm.  You’ve got to stay updated, but it has to be with relevant and value oriented content, not fluff. When you update content regularly you tell Google that you are relevant and there is more to offer.  Remain unchanged, or stuck and Google will burn you.  

At WebSpeak Media we specialize in helping clients cut through the noise of the competition and post value added content that generates clicks and landings.  Don’t get in a rut so deep that you fail to update your content on a regular basis.

Charlie Carter, Partner


102 Trade Street,  Greer, SC 29651


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